Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I won't worry my life away

This is EXACTLY where I was, with my daughter, on Saturday night - Jason Mraz...live !

Well, actually we were just behind the tall guy with the spiky hair, so you'll have to imagine us there. But you can hear us, because we were YELLING and SHRIEKING every time he said "people in the middle now let me hear you make some noise." You will especially be able to hear me a little bit later on because I was SINGING AT THE TOP OF MY VOICE the chorus - "I....I...I...won't worry my life away."

Oh, yes, and also, can you see the fabulous guy playing the bongo drums on the side of the stage? I'm sure he's famous but I don't know his name, anyway, he has this little gnome which you can see there, on the side, and apparently it accompanies him wherever he goes. When I saw that gnome I thought about eurolush, because when I first discovered her blog she published the funniest post about the gnomes in her neighbourhood, which made me laugh out loud.

To be honest, though; yes, I do try to be honest...the standing in the queue on the street for an hour so as to get a good place near the stage, and then the standing for an hour listening to Jason Mraz's "supporting singer" and then standing for two hours listening to him. Well. I'm getting a little bit old for that, I was in fact twice the age of EVERYONE standing around me. So next time I want to go watch the fabulous Mr. Mraz in Korea, because that seems to be a little bit more my style.


blackbird said...

A good mantra for me.
I am far too old to wait on the line to stand for two hours and yell.
You deserve a prize. Or a medal.

Anonymous said...

ditto what blackbird said.

You are a terrific sport! Isn't it funny and lovely too the things we will do for our kids?

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling had I been there I would've been "escorted out" for singing louder than the actual "artist people paid to see in concert." Yes, I'm certain of it.

That One said...

Looks like you had a great time.

(I've always thought his voice is uniquely pleasing and am glad your video reinforces that.)

Jeanette Nord said...

Way to go Eleanor! I`m going to ogle Jazon with my daughter on the 26:th of september in Lund, Sweden! Guess I will be the oldest one there so.....see you in Korea!

Have a great weekend!

Sömsmånen said...

I fully understand your distress - I have the same worry - speaking of worries... I'm really concerned with this mirror issue. Since I today collected my new camera I will post an evidence soon - if there actually is a mirror, that is...

Sömsmånen said...

I made a comment at Eurolush's. I feel too stupid to repeat it here. You will have to check there.