Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coffee with Colours the Clown

I visited Colours this morning in the urban trendiness that is her current stomping ground. We had a coffee, as one does, at the cafe around the corner, and we waited for Ms. Blanchett, but she was a no-show. We wore our new fingerless gloves ("armies") which had been recently purchased from Etsy (etsyetsyetsy). No prizes for guessing which is Colours' pair. Our arms not only looked lovely, but they were also being kept nice and warm, just in case Suse showed up and challenged us to an arm-wrestle. She didn't.

Then we walked back to the circus tent and Colours shared this gem of a song with me, it's called "Teenage Song":

We had a lovely morning.


Suse said...

I was double booked, couldn't show tonight. Sorry.

KPB said...

This is so what the next two decades of my life are going to look like.