Monday, March 16, 2009

Visiting The Wonderful Suse

A prize (a custom-written limerick) will be given to the first person who correctly identifies the blogger who sent me the following text messages:

This is Suse's backyard, isn't it glorious?! The marvellous Muppinstuff, the superb Suse and the....ummmmm....exoticdancer Eleanor stood near the back door and looked out at the trees and mountains while chatting. Amazing.
Thanks Suse!


Suse said...

That is a hideous photo of me, thanks.

As for the competition, I bet ... Kim?!

(Ok, I just typed Eurolush, scrubbed it out, wrote Kim, scrubbed it out, wrote Eurolush etc etc).

Eleanor said...


It is impossible to take a hideous photo of you, you gorgeous thing you.

But I deleted it in any case.

Because I really really really want to be invited back again one day.

How's tomorrow looking? You free tomorrow?

eurolush said...

I'm so envious of all the fun you've been having together. Jealous, really. And slightly bitter. With an ever-so-small side of controlled rage mixed-in. Okay, I'm furious. My heart is racing. I'm sweating profusely as I type this.

I feel as though I've been spying from afar...with my binoculars and notepad at my side. My neighbors must be wondering where I've been.

No Suse, I didn't send the text messages. I'm not that funny in real life. It's like tears of a clown around here.

I'm going to second Suse's guess of Kim...because I hear she's rather hilarious. Of course, this means I lose. Great.

trashalou said...

I cannot decide between Mary and Eurolush.

eurolush said...

Forgot to say how much I love the photo of you on the tire swing...and how cute Suse's son is!

The Coffee Lady said...

I'm like Eurolush.

Left out.

Wondering who everybody is.

BabelBabe said...

I texted Suse today and felt so....exotic...texting AUSTRALIA. (She was probably sleeping.) I envy you Aussies, texting each other willynilly, just do here in the States....

MsCellania said...

I am jealous of your get-together. I would guess Bec, but I haven't seen hide or hair of her for ages...

fifi said...


who else would write those messages!!!

I am so jealous. You lucky girl.

I think eurolush is being a little harsh on herselfs, she is very funny

Suse said...

Eurolush, *I* took that photo.

(bragging wildly)