Friday, March 13, 2009


Mary has asked that I blog in full detail about my Melbourne experience. We are viewing this trip as an extremely important dry run for our future Melbourne expeditions together.

So I shall not hold back.

The hotel is AWESOME, so check that off the list...we can definitely come here again and again and again. Mary did the research for the hotel (while I booked the plane tickets)! Go Mary!

I could go on and one about the bath, the bed, the eco-friendly philosophy, the book exchange (yes, that's right).

But instead I shall simply present you with Exhibit A:

The room has a desk that looks EXACTLY like Carrie Bradshaw's desk in her New York apartment.
Here is my view of trees and city as I write.

Here are a few things I saw as I walked along the river early this morning:

These are high school students in their uniforms. The boys looked like they were 17/18 and they were wearing SHORTS. So funny. The girls were returning the boats and oars after their workout. What a fab way to start the day. Then I ran around the Botanical Gardens and took a picture to prove it:

It pains me, actually, to show you these photos, because I just KNOW how Mary's photographs would be able to really really capture the essence of this magical city. I kept imagining the shots Mary would have taken with her silver camera. Showing you my photos instead of Mary's photos is akin to me arriving at the Craft Fair and showing one of the crafters there the hem that I tried to repair on my skirt...which I then had to take to the tailor because I had botched it up so badly, and then the tailor looked at my pityingly and shook her head and said "Your mother not teach you? Poor girl." You get what I mean, I think.

Now it's time to shower and go off to the Fair!

I shall try to record every single detail. I promise!


Frogdancer said...

Welcome! I'll be seeing you tonight.

I'm coming up to Sydney at the beginning of April, so you won't be the only one with non-Mary-like photos of a new city on your blog!

(Our school uniform has shorts for the boys. For years no one wore them, but a couple of years ago the principal hired some of the popular, sporty boys in the senior levels to wear them. Now shorts are all over the place.)

Julia said...

Your tailor's commentary had me chuckling into my corn flakes.

Good for you for running around the garden!! Have a great trip!

Anna of Helylle said...

How thrilling this is, people around me has no idea that I actually am at the Craft Fair in Melbourne, while sitting at a meeting. Your photos captured the essence of being away, joy and exaltation over unfamiliar things and new views. As it should be! You have no idea how unfamiliar the idea of 18-year old boys in school uniforms is to me, shorts or no shorts!

Blue Mountains Mary said...

More - I want more - can't wait to hear how the dinner went!


Duyvken said...

It looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy yourself and thanks for sharing it all with us!