Friday, March 27, 2009

1974 revisited (believe me, it's worth it) (you'll thank me)

It occurred to me tonight that there is one more song which my father loves to take out of his vinyl record collection every so often...and I started humming that tune and wondering if it too was...perhaps...a Eurovision song.

Well, wouldn't you know it, it is indeed. It apparently came 3rd that year, you know...that year that ABBA won for Waterloo. So I was just about to post the song for your listening pleasure (and believe me, I GUARANTEE laughter) when I thought, "Hmmm...but which song came 2nd?" Well, wouldn't you know it, ITALY...Paola's Italy. So I look up the Italian '74 song and lo and behold it is actually quite beautiful, and there are comments from a mere week or two ago showing that people are STILL, NOW, in 2009, STILL upset that it didn't win first place.

So I present you with the Italian "Si":

Lovely, no?

What, are you still holding out hope to get a glimpse of the '74 3rd place?

You want a good laugh, don't you? I know I do......

But be warned.

If you thought that "Kisses for me" song was addictive, you ain't heard nothing yet:


Tuli said...

LOL! The dolls on top of that music box freaked me right out. Thanks for the laugh!

"Si" was quite lovely.

Jodie said...

LOL. You are keeping my family in fits of laughter with the Eurovision series Eleanor, so much so we are now hunting down our own clips...

kim at allconsuming said...

I was 2 in 1974.

Thought you'd like that.