Thursday, March 12, 2009

A craft most divine

I am off to Melbourne this afternoon, and I'm taking all of you with me. Except for those of you who are already in Melbourne, of course.

Mary and I started planning this trip a while ago, and we were already having so much fun giggling over the phone about the planned get-together with the crafty creme-de-la-creme of the blogosphere. Although Mary can't come with me this time, I have assured her that I am viewing this solo trip of mine as merely preparation for our many trips together which I clearly and joyfully see in our future.

I have been thinking about Mary, about how dear she has become to me, and to so many bloggers around the world. I have also been trying to choose joy in my life, something Mary has taught me so well this past year.

So....instead of concentrating on packing for my trip I sat down and wrote this little ditty for all of you, but mostly for Mary, with love.

I know not your real name,
You may not know mine,
Yet this feeling is real
And this friendship does shine.

This friendship does shine
From the smiling eyes
Of our blog-band of women.
Hear our patchworking cries!

We cry out to each other,
"Come sew onto the quilt,
For with boxes of many
This garment is built.

As this garment is built,
The patterns will play,
And a well-knitted comment
Can make someone's day."

For joy cultivation
Is crafting most rare,
And it takes a community
To do it with flair.

So let's raise now our glasses,
My sisters so fine,
And let's celebrate joy -
A craft most divine.


Suse said...

Good grief you are so gorgeous.

Can't wait to meet you tomorrow.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Thank you darling friend.

You will adore Suse!

Eleanor said...

I'm so excited!!!!

Maria said...

Eleanor! What a nice poem!
I'm sorry for that the language is a obstacle(?) for me to come really near you as a blogfriend. But I understand the poem. Some other times it is just too much text for me. I really appreciate that you come and visit my blog! And as a answer for your question, my paintings is for sale.

eurolush said...

Another hand-crafted, amazing poem from our blog poet laureate.

Have a wonderful time! Take lots of photos! Tell Suse I said hi!

Anna of Helylle said...

This sent goose bumps all over my back, thinking of the bond that unites us all, so different and so alike. Last time you took me (us) for a trip I enjoyed it thoroughly. Looking forward to this fair. Hug all crafty people you find from me!

RW said...

Have a most wonderful time.

laura said...


I hope your trip is a wonderful one

trashalou said...

Oh my stars Eleanor! You have just written the blogging woman's creed. Hurrah!

Have a fabulous time in Melbourne and send the grand old lady my love.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely sentiment -- and I am most definitely not a sentimental person. Thank you. Have a wonderful trip!