Sunday, March 22, 2009

A bird in the library

It's exactly a week since I returned home from Melbourne, and I am now officially a crafty-bloggers groupie. My plan is to follow all of my beloved crafty bloggers from Show to Show, holding their needles and threads, running back and forth with coffees and slushies, and staring adoringly at their patterns, colours and textures.

Ahem. Now, where was I?

Oh, yes....So one of the things I brought back from the Melbourne Craft Show was one of Jodie's birds. But it was a FLAT was a bird which needed to be CRAFTED into life. I opened the little envelope and found some printed material, thread, a black loop and a bit of plastic (for the bottom of the cage, don't you know).

People. People!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!! I CRAFTED MY VERY OWN BIRD, THAT'S HOW GREAT JODIE'S INSTRUCTIONS WERE!!!! It was easier than putting together an Ikea bookcase and TONS more fun.

My bird immediately took up residence in the library:

This is where I found her this evening:

Look at the ORIGINAL DETAIL I added to my precious one. See her little wings? See the little beads? Miss Commentbox has what crafters call "A Stash," and she let me rummage through it until I found the beads.

This is what the other side of my precious looks like. See how I made her sleepy? Even her wings are not as perky and ruffled. Actually....that was all an accident...the eye just didn't work out and I lost a bit of patience with matching the wings to the other side, but I IMPROVISED and now it's even better than if it was perfect.

And I named her too:



RW said...

Well done.

I was just thinking about the word "stash" and how it relates to crafty bloggers. I have a stash of fabric from when I used to sew on a regular basis. I am feeling more and more motivated to use it.

blackbird said...

I luff her.

You know, I have quite the Crafty Blogger following - and I have no idea why!

The Coffee Lady said...

they're sucking you in! You must resist! There has to be some place in the world for us useless people who just blither on and don't make anything!

trashalou said...

Welcome.You are now a cohort of the crafty blogosphere :-)

Duyvken said...

Joy is beautiful.

I love that she's sleepy or awake depending on how you turn her. Perfect!! That could be us driving to Mary's and us driving home again.

Of course, J's constant instruction kept me on the road and in the right lane :-)

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Thank you my darling friend for my beautiful Joy.

fifi said...

you are SO funny.

I think I will have to be a craft -groupie too. I have the stash but I never makes no craft.

I really like that collision of craftbird and literary birds...VERy nice.

BabelBabe said...

i think it's nicer that it's not matching and perfect. but that may be a reflection on MY crafty abilities : )

Now you need a Frog to go with...I wonder how hard a frog is to knit....

eurolush said...

Joy is the best!

I love her colorful beaded wings and the way you can turn her around to her sleepy side.

She looks great in your library. She's like your own little reading mascot.

What a nice reminder of your time in Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

You have discovered a secret of crafting: improvisation is a big part of the fun. Go, you!

laura said...

She is gorgeous. And her name? perfect.

Tuli said...

Your little birdie is exactly the kind of little birdie I need! Beautiful to look at but wouldn't torture the dog with it's tweeting and seed tossing. :)

Pure charm, your Joy.

Michelle said...

It's beyond me how you won't call yourself a crafter. Because you certainly are!