Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tinniegirl to the rescue

You may remember that I received a wonderful box of luckies from Tinniegirl a couple of weeks ago. I have kept that box on my desk, looking through it every day, and every day I notice something different about its contents.

Tonight, feeling restless, I looked through it once again and decided to finally get my act together and write a poem using some of the items as my inspiration. Thanks Tinniegirl, Mrs. Mills is working her magic still.


Two of diamonds
Eight of hearts,
Longest day
Of far-fetched love.

All my knights
Have fled the house,
Castled, queened
And kinged at last.

Funds divided,
Lessons learned,
The job
Which must be done.

So why do I
When darkness falls,
Want only
Far to run?

Do I now sprint?
Or just retreat?
These patterns
Oft repeat.

Yet here I sit,
With darkness linked,
To bed-made
Sad sing-song.

**Here are the objects which I used:

Thanks Tinniegirl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

this poem suits my mood perfectly.
I checked out the pictures of you belly dancing so fun!

Tinniegirl said...

That is so clever Eleanor. What a wonderful creative mind you have.

Duyvken said...

And can you please tell me again that hebrew word for when something that would be so wonderful happens unexpectedly at a moment when you are not where you normally would be to enjoy it? I'm thinking of when I was at my sister-in-laws and Mr Duyvken came home early from work. It's been bothering me all week!