Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spoilt rotten

I hereby admit it, before any of you pass judgement on parents always have (and still do) spoil me. I have a childhood friend in Israel who still calls me "The Spoilt One," but it sounds better in Hebrew because it's all one word. - "Hamefooneket" Well, now that I got that out of the way let me tell you what I did on Tuesday.

As you may remember, my Monday was somewhat sad, for no apparent reason really. I was feeling so tired and apathetic that I almost called my parents to cancel the plans we had made for Tuesday.

Actually, I mother had made plans and then asked my father and me to keep Tuesday free for "some fun". We hadn't spent a day together, just the three of us, in a long time. It's always the six of us, or the four of us, but never the three of us. As usual, my mother instinctively knew that this day would be just what we needed.

I should add here that my mother is spooky that way. When she lived in another country from me, she used to send me parcels which would arrive on the exact day and time when they would make a difference to my mood. I'd receive a parcel with a colourful umbrella just as I was contemplating leaving the house on a rainy day with my broken one. Or I'd receive a book in the mail on the very day that I had read a review of the book and had planned to go buy it. Really.

So...Tuesday arrives and I drive to pick my parents up from the garage where they are giving their car in for service. My mother is also very practical, they wouldn't have the car for the day and so I could pick them up and drive according to her instructions. Mom (my mother is American and hates the word "mum" hence I use the American "mom") and Dad get into my little red hatchback, and Mom's giggling. Already. My mother IS Pollyanna, my father and I are not, she is always annoying us with her over-the-top exuberance. She then digs through her handbag and brings out a tiny soft toy - it's Noddy!!! I like to call my car "The Noddy Car," and she bought me a car mascot, the cutest little Noddy you ever saw in your whole life (I shall try to take a photo at some point). I immediately start cooing and clapping my hands and singing "Oh, look at you, cute little Noddy, you sit right here near the parking brake and keep me company in my Noddy Car. Beep, beep." I could see my dad in the rear view mirror rolling his eyes, but he loved it.

Destination number one - breakfast at Pain Quotidien, a cafe I had never been to before, why, why, how can it be? I KNOW, I thought I already knew all the best Sydney cafes. Turns out it's actually a global chain (but in a good way, really) and I found a great picture of the three spreads they give you with your DIVINE bread right here. Two different jams and one chocolate hazelnut spread TO DIE FOR, but don't's label said it's ORGANIC...and so my father and I kept repeating the phrase like a mantra as we helped ourselves to more, and more..."It's GOOD for you, it's ORGANIC..." We also had coffee in bowls, I love coffee in bowls.

Destination number two - Hmmmmm....I bet you can't guess.

Thing is, it's almost midnight here and I'm I'll have to keep you in suspense until tomorrow.


Night, night....


Miss Commentbox said...

the suspense is killing me!

Eleanor said...


Tuli said...

Your mom is American?

trashalou said...

We haven't done one for a while but Princess Curly Wurly and I have shared many girls' days out. It's a good thing.

My word verification is 'pubbar':-)

Duyvken said...

I love parenting in the comment box. I see Miss CB was wise enough not to comment again :-)

I can't wait to hear what happened next, I am concerned that they might have bought you a car, or taken you to a Mugen centre and had your Noddy car lowered, modified and resprayed.

What can it be?

xo A

Suse said...

Oh you tease.

(I hope you slept well though).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me already! Can't wait to find out what happened next.

Duyvken said...

Where's the 2nd installment? It's almost 11 and I have to go to sleep but I must know what happens next.

eurolush said...

I just love our parents.

BabelBabe said...

dear Eleanor, you are a TEASE.

My son has a Noddy car, like a Matchbox car - I am going to rout it out and photograph it for you.

Anonymous said...

My husband used to have a 1959 Hillman Minx, which if you have never seen on, looks like it should be Donald Duck's car in a cartoon. So when he found a little toy Donald in a similar car, he snapped it up and it lived on the ledge infront of the speedometer.

Your mom is psychic. Spooky cool.

Alby Mangroves said...

Your Mom is obviously really in tune with the world or something! YOu are eally lucy - just reading this post gives me a tiny inkling of what it's like to be close to you Mum, and I hope my daughter and I can have that one day.

Alby Mangroves said...

Obviously, you are LUCKY and not LUCY..

The Coffee Lady said...

ooh, I love coffee in bowls, too