Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother Superhero

Oh, thanks RW...I forgot about "The Chosen"!! And Mary, yep..."Ice Castles" (what a shame we didn't know each other when we were girls) ...sigh...the line about the flowers was because Lexie had an accident and became blind, and Robby helped her learn to skate again, and she performed to a standing ovation while nobody in the audience knew she was blind...but then they threw flowers onto the ice for her....and she tripped over them because she couldn't see them, and so then the audience was completely silent and Robby walked towards her and helped her stand up and said: "I forgot about the flowers."


And now for something a little bit different, because tomorrow is Mother's Day. A song called "Goodnight Moon" which I first heard on the "Kill Bill" soundtrack, a film which I have always adored because it's such an entertaining kickass commentary on the power of a woman's love for her child.

** NB This clip contains a huge spoiler, but I figured that if you haven't seen "Kill Bill" yet then you never will, so it won't really matter.

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