Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photo time

I took a few photos last Sunday but never managed to post them...better late than never.

Mr. Commentbox, Blue (our Disreputable Dog) and I went for a walk along the cliffs, heading south:

We came across a group of elderly gentlemen preparing to dive in and race:

Blue had a refreshing swim. I prefer not to go into too much detail about the mad, joyful running which he did following the swim, followed by his fall into a deep crack in the rocks, his miraculous landing on an incoming wave, his being dragged out towards the open sea, and Mr. Commentbox's quick dash into the water to save his life.


Oh look...and here's moi posing with Valerie, who is best friends with Bernice, who just moved to Sweden.
Good night all......


Anonymous said...

Oh poor blue. i completely got a visual of the whole of his goofy doggy excitement and rescue.

oh and a late comment on your jeans post I completely understand, especially the muffin top, and the too hot or too cold. I haven't worn jeans in over a year. I have actually gotten to a point where I am staring to miss them

Tuli said...

That is exactly the type of ocean-front I like - no sand! I want to hang in that little cove-thingy with Blue.

Poor Blue! I'm glad Mr. Commentbox rescued him so speedily.

Eleanor, you are positively gorgeous.

eurolush said...

Beautiful beach photos! Elderly swimmers! A sudden doggy fall! A subsequent rescue! Mystery! Ingrigue! So much excitement in Australia!

Just came from admiring Bernice at Anna's. Now I need to pay my respects to Valerie and her super-sweet coiffure. Tres chic, mademoiselle!

Anna of Helylle said...

Bernice: I sure miss you, Valerie. The trip was exhausting and the welcomeing was noisy and slow (a snapshot at every moment)however heartily and warm. I do regret not making full use of the tax-free shops. You look great. Good night honey.

Duyvken said...

Awesome pic E!

Mary said...

I am still trying to get to the jeans post!

I just need to recover from all the excitement of this one!

Anonymous said...

Poor Blue! Courageous Mr. C'box! I am so glad all are safe.

Today said...