Monday, May 18, 2009

And now, a different topic

Tonight I want to talk about jeans, because I think I have finally decided not to wear jeans any more. Ever.

I have always owned 2 or 3 pairs of jeans, and I have always treated them as a regular feature of my casual wardrobe. I don't think jeans suit me, and I find them to be very uncomfortable, yet still, day in, day out, I wear them. Why? WHY?

It seems that I have been lulled into believing that jeans are really the only option for a casual look, despite the fact that they always hang too low (I hate that person, whoever he/she is who first came up with the brilliant "low-rise" concept. HATE) or ride up too high. I hate the way the always hug my thighs tight, and I especially hate the way they make my bottom look like it's permanently "on show." But most of all I hate what they do to my stomach.

I have always had a rounded stomach, and I hate the way jeans make me feel about that. High-rise jeans squash my stomach so flat that I might as well be wearing a corset, low-rise jeans cut my stomach off halfway so that I have to strategically wear a long shirt which will never, ever, cling and thus show everybody my muffin-top. Jeans are hot in summer and provide little warmth in winter. All of the jeans I have ever worn also always shrink a bit after each wash so that they have to go through a "wearing-in" stage each time, until they stretch back to less uncomfortable, but still VERY uncomfortable wearability.

So why do I wear them?

Sheer habit.

And don't your DARE start writing comments about "that perfect brand of jeans which you discovered which would answer all of my prayers." I have tried everything, EVERYTHING, and it's all of absolutely no consequence IF, and I stress IF, you are a woman with a ROUNDED STOMACH.

I have also started looking more closely at the people around me who wear jeans, and I have to admit that most of them look BAD. Those few who look good in jeans all have FLAT STOMACHS. And by "flat stomach" I do not mean "skinny" as compared to "fat"....I mean that some women have ROUNDED STOMACHS. Like me. And some do not.


So. I have now decided to sport a skirt with leggings look, and I simply cannot believe how much better I feel. I can sit down without having my circulation cut off, and I've stopped constantly being aware of my stomach.

I just don't understand why it's taken me this long to realise that jeans are not my style?


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't think that trousers of any kind work on most women. Hips and thighs and yup, stomachs, are always going to get in the way, and skirts and dresses are better suited to our shapes. Not that this stops me wearing trousers and especially jeans, but at the moment it's probably a practical decision more than anything else because I'm always cold and I walk a lot, and jeans help with both those things. But good for you for finding what feels right and sticking with it! Enjoy. :D

Badger said...

I have always worn jeans. Always always always.


I can no longer find jeans that fit my body. Because hello, TWO KIDS AND OVER 40. My body is no longer shaped for jeans, apparently.

For summer I have adopted the cropped, wide-legged pants look but I still haven't figured out winter. And I cannot STAND leggings (on me, I mean -- not on other people) so that's out.


I feel your pain, dude.

BabelBabe said...

if I didn't already lurve you, this post would do it. I own a pair of jeans that I like. ONE. And they are not w/o their problems, so that i only wear them when I am hanging with my children. My go-to for casual wear the past eight years has been skirts. With tights or leggings in the winter, or barelegged in summer. I prefer an A-line, mid-length...and own many of them. However, I was raised as a fundamentalist and was forced to wear skirts (frumpy, long skirts) my entire childhood and teenage years, so it took me a while to get here and be comfortable with it. but they are cooler and look cute, and you can do a lot with a nice plain skirt. plus, it also hides my big butt.

altho I have recently discovered the glories of track pants (nice plain navy or black track pants), so even that one pair of jeans may be given to Goodwill.

blackbird said...

It's a habit! But I'm proud to know you. I have one pair of jeans that are *okay* but I'm never comfortable in them - and if they don't feel right they don't look right and all of THAT = NOT FLATTERING.


RW said...

I hear you.
I used to own two pairs of jeans. Then I got stuck in the apple tree and destroyed one pair. But, I am never really comfortable in them. I also prefer skirts, but it has taken me a long time to realize that I am more comfortable in a skirt.
I think I should make myself a few more skirts for the summer. This is just the post to spur me on.

eurolush said...

I wear jeans. I like jeans.

Can we still be friends?

margalit said...

I own two pairs of Jeans. Neighter of them is comfortable at all. What bothers me most about jeans is that the material is so thick that then all 4 seams meet up they hit my delicate lady flower in such a way that I feel like I'm sitting on a rock. They were designed by a man who does not have a labia and OMG, really doesn't have a flat ass and a nice big round tummy. I wear them as a last resort. They seem to be appropriate for parent teacher meetings and when I go clothes shopping. Otherwise, it's nice yoga pants for me. I love them and do not care how horrible I look in them. They are COMFY.

Frogdancer said...

I thought it was just me...

Anonymous said...

Long, long ago I realized that I was addicted to jeans. If I didn't have any in my closet or dresser, I would panic. I needed to have them RIGHT THERE, waiting for me.

But I still wear jeans -- to me they are comfortable mainly because they do not show the dirt or spills. End of story.

But that in no way means that you should not abandon them with great glee and my heartfelt blessing. If going the skirt and leggings route makes you happy, do it! and yay for you!

Duyvken said...

Gah! I'd better get changed before you get here!! I love the skirt&leggings look.

fifi said...

I hate jeans immensely and I don't even own a pair.
Especially since the last pair I owned actually burst.
And there seemed to be a huge sspout shape at the back of the waistband. Yuk.

No, I am a tights and skirt person through and through, just like you.....

Michelle said...

You've really made me think, now! I have always worn jeans, and I'm a big girl. But my main problem with them is that I am forever pulling them up. Probably because I refuse to wear the really tight ones (I'm big - why would I wear tight jeans?)

But this summer I took a different tack, and wore wide legged gaucho type pants. With elastic waists. Glory, it was like a lightening bolt. Comfy!

I'm not a skirt person at all, and wear dress pants to work every day, but occasionally I'd like to break out of the jeans merrygo round. And stop hitching them up all the time.

Suse said...

Well done you. I did the same a few years ago, and went almost a decade without wearing jeans I reckon. Then last year I caved and bought a pair from the op shop. But I don't think they really suit me, and they're not comfortable.

Actually this reminds me that when I was about 19 I gave up pants/jeans/trousers completely and wore only skirts. For about two years I think. Not even track pants! I felt very feminine, and although it was a challenge at first in the winter, I got used to it.

Now I have a pair of black cords that are comfy[ish] and a few pairs of light linen summer pants but skirts are my thing. I'm on a mission to make as many a-line skirts as I can possibly fit in my wardrobe this year. I've made about 6 so far in the last 12 months!

The Coffee Lady said...

Oh you are so right. I gave up wearing jeans when I was 18 because they were too hot, you know, down there, and didn't wear them again for years. But then I got convinced I needed them, for that 'casual look', and went back to them for a bit before I realised I looked horrid.

I haven't found an alternative, unfortunately, but I still don't wear them.

Prism said...

I realized about 5 years ago that I actually HATE jeans (which I had worn almost exclusively to that time) and finally found the perfect pants for my very long (freakin' amazonian) legs--most pants in my size sport a very attractive "high water" look, that are comfortable, high waisted (the mother of 3 children should NOT do low-riders!) and very functional. I now have 9 pairs of identical black slacks, and a closet of skirts. I have reached clothing nirvana. No jeans for me ever again.

Jeanette said...

Way to go Eleanor! Finally someone has seen through the gigantic jeans conspiracy against women with rounded stomachs.....which I think that about 99,9 % of us women have....or am I being unfair here? 98 % maybe. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that it was a very inspireing decition that I will follow promtly....and maybe as Prism said reach clothing Nirvana!

Take care

Jen said...

You probably can't tell, but I'm high-fiving you right now. I am a woman with a round stomach, and have not had a pair of jeans that felt comfortable and flattering since I was... a very young woman with a less round stomach. My theory is that jeans were designed for men, and for women who are shaped like men.

trashalou said...

I have just cut up my last pair of jeans and used them in a quilt back. I miss them. They were a lovely dark denim. mid-waisted, wide-legged friendly kind of jeans. I loved the colour of them, both initially and as they faded. I wore them nearly exclusively for nearly 18 months (ok so not exclusively but they were one of the few things I wore). They were not expensive, they were not grand but they were loved.

Other than my jeans I live in denim skirts, long denim skirts. Perhaps you could rock the denim skirtage look?

Silke said...

How funny! I just found your blog through "I heart Germany" and that just after having those same thoughts about my jeans this morning. You see, they shrank several sizes after I just washed them. Or was it the giant piece of cake I ate last night. Nah, couldn't be....So glad I found your blog! :) Silke

Anna of Helylle said...

Well put. I've gone back to jeans - no, wait - I actually think I will post about this!

On my blog you will now find Bernice (love,love,love to you!!) and a photo of me wearing skirt and leggings!

Mary said...

See - you were right - you really struck a chord here.

I am now obsessed with Mela Purdie (yet to purchase) and will slavishly follow you in your new look...

Funny that I wore a skirt on Tuesday!

Janet said...

Jeans go in and out of favour with me - I'm certainly pretty round so I don't often get to buy jeans that are comfortable, but funnily enough this year I have found two pairs, one a cheapie and one not, and I love them. I think I like jeans because I like the feel worn denim and because of the pockets! especially the pockets! More often I make jean like pants myself.

But you know, skirts and trousers are good too!

persiflage said...

Excellent post - jeans just re not comfortable and the hipster or low rise jeans are distinctly unflattering. Which anti-female male designed them, I wonder.
I cannot wear skirts as I cannot wear the sort of shoes required with skirts. So I wear stretch pants all the time. They do nothing for my over-large stomach,but at least they are comfortable.

alice c said...

Reads post
Reads comments
Realises that she is the ONLY person in the room wearing jeans.
Slinks quietly out of the back door and hopes no-one notices.

Anonymous said...

It is the pockets. When I don't have pockets I can be counted on to lose my keys at least three times/day.