Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What I've been doing....

I built Margalit's sandcastle:

I wrote Duyvken's limerick:
Duyvken said "This whole quilt's a mistake,
And I feel quite a bad stomach ache."
G, J, C and JW
Said "Mummy, we love you!
A kiss-patchwork for you we will make."

I ate a LOT of kosher for Pesach (Hebrew word for Passover) food. A LOT. Oh, and guess what? I'm STILL eating because Pesach is STILL going on, and on. There are certain foods which I eat during Pesach which are completely ADDICTIVE because their taste is so different and peculiar and they remind me of my childhood. For example, "charoset" - a mixture of ground apples, sweet wine, ground hazlenuts, a bit of ground almonds, cinnamon, a dash of ginger and more wine. I dip matzah in it and I could eat it all day. And night. My dad always makes it with the kids, and he always makes extra for me to take home with me. Oh, and the longer it sits in the fridge marinating...the better it tastes.

Another additive Pesach food for me is what we call (in my family) "egg soup." It's bizarre, I warn you. You take salty water, cut a couple of hard boiled eggs into it, and eat like soup. Cannot.stop.eating.once.I.start. Reminds me of my grandparents and other very very happy memories of family eating.

This year, I am excited to announce that there is now an ADDITIONAL ADDICTIVE PESACH FOOD on my list. It can be found here. That is where my mother found it, and then she made it, and gave it to me to take home. I won't even begin to describe the fights in my house over that container of crunchy chocolate caramel matzah HEAVEN. It got ugly.

But I always win.

Chag sameach everyone!! ("Happy holiday")


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! Your talk of food has my mouth watering... clearly I am missing out in being a Catholic, we have nothing so delicious! Chag sameach!

M said...

I do love the sound of the Charoset but I would have to see the egg soup thingy before committing. Really, eggs in salty water? Who knew.

What I really love is traditional food of any kind that evokes childhood or culture. My Greek friend makes Koulouria (aka Greek biscuits) for Easter and I love love love them. And yet, they are so plain.

Esti said...

Ha, ha... good to see your toes too... :)

eurolush said...

Oh...the beach and sand castles! And good food! And holidays! And a limerick! Perfection!

I didn't tell you this...but I drove right by Limerick last week when I was in Ireland. I wanted so much to stop and take a photo...but alas, we had a ferry to catch. Next time! I promise!

Maria said...

So nice to sit at a beach with bare toes. Cant do that where I live for a while.

blackbird said...

A co-worker brought chocolate caramel matzoh to me on Tuesday - OH MY.
A little heavy at 9 in the morning, but OH MY.