Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Harmony Sweater

I went to bed a little too early last night, and now I am up at 4am. Ridiculous. So I decided to look through my commentboxes (it cheers me up) and I came across Gillian from Lookinout. Hi Gillian! Nice to meet you! Now, as you probably all know by now, the language of knitting is a wondrous mystery to me, so you can well imagine how excited I was to scroll down Gillian's posts and read the phrase "Has anyone knitted the Harmony Sweater?"

Here is my understanding of that phrase:

Has anyone knitted the Harmony Sweater?
Has anyone finished it right?
I followed the pattern and
Still I am sleepless with
Dreams of it all
Through the night.

Has anyone knitted the Harmony Sweater?
Your comments would be a delight.
I thought that I had it
But still missing half of it,
How can dark colours
Be bright?

And for my next trick...I will attempt to interpret "I'm looking for a copy of Blues," which is followed 2 months later by: "I received Blues a few weeks ago and was horrified at my choice."

Signing off....

Sleepless in Sydney.


Anonymous said...

Knitting poetry! Yay!

eurolush said...

Well, if I'd known you were sleepy I would've called.

PS-Hope you get a nap today...

eurolush said...

Check that.

If I'd known you WEREN'T sleepy I would've called.


I think I'M the one who's sleepy. It is 10:43PM, doncha know.

Oh, and the Harmony Sweater poem is loverly.

Suse said...

I was up at 4am on Friday morning too! Although it was totally by accident. Bloody daylight savings and mobile phone/alarm clocks not changing themselves.

We could've called each other! And whispered so as not waken our slumbering spouses and offspring!

Your Harmony poem is one of your best yet y'know. I wonder if Gillian has seen it yet.

sophanne said...

great great great. I still ponder my Tangled Yoke. Or maybe I should say my untangled yoke. (in case you want more inspiration)

Mary said...

Oh Eleanor you make me smile.

Though I too hope you are having a little nap right now!

The Coffee Lady said...

4am? Writing poetry at 4am? When did shambling around the house frowning go out of fashion?

alice c said...

I feel that the Harmony Sweater would be just the thing for a Peace campaigner on the march ... or maybe a conductor during rehearsal...

Anna of Helylle said...

It is, as always,amazing how you find the unexpected twist in ordinary phrases. Next time you can't sleep - call me, I will be up for sure!

Anonymous said...

That inspires me, I've just bought some beautiful woolly yarn and am finally able to pick up knitting again.