Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Between the flags


Not quite as cold this morning as it was yesterday, and much less windy. The beach didn't have quite the same brightness about it, perhaps because a few light grey clouds were slowly passing by. There were quite a few small waves, making it hard to remember yesterday's smooth, mirror-like ocean.


Beth said...

Oh, oh! I get to be first!
How fabulous! How pathetic that this excites me so.

Dearest Sister E, Would you take a picture of how blue blue blue the ocean is up close. I need to look at it. I have not seen the blue ocean for a long time.

Thank you! And I will be back for more beachiness!

P.S. You do realize how incredibly AWESOME your little piece of the world is, right?
Right, I knew you did.


Anonymous said...

I have had an unaccountable craving to hear sea gulls lately. Listen to them for me, would you? kthxbai.

eurolush said...

Does Blue like the beach? Does he accompany you on your beach walks? Or does it freak him out too much--what with the waves crashing, noisy people, etc.? I think Tex would like the beach, with all its fishy smells.

Julia said...

What do the flags signify? Are they for boats or for swimmers? Thanks for our morning sea scape, I'm enjoying this week very much!

The Coffee Lady said...

I love the silveriness

is that a word?