Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Israel - day 1

Miss CB and I landed in Tel Aviv late last night (that would be Tuesday night Israel time). We made it. Quite a journey for two women who suffer from terrible travel-sickness.

Here we are this morning, posing outside the apartment building in which we'll be staying for the next week. It's an apartment which we're sharing with my parents, a five minute walk from my brother's house.
Behold my brother:

Miss CB and I arrived at his house at 7 this morning and were enjoying breakfast with my sister-in-law, three nieces and nephew when my brother came in looking just like this. He had just returned from a one and a half hour bike ride. My brother and I are pretty much, well, complete opposites. While I spent my childhood hiding in my room and reading, my brother was running, jumping, swimming and generally on the go, non-stop, forever. He's an Ironman several times over and is constantly training for his next Event. He is also an amazing husband to the loveliest and cutest woman, and their four kids are each a gem. A GEM I say!!

Even their dog is awesome.

Behold Oskar (note - with a "K"), he's a Cairn Terrier who reminds me of Eurolush's Tex, only beige and somewhat furrier.

Oskar immediately took a liking to Miss CB as she joined her cousins in working out the daily crossword over breakfast.

I shall try to take photos every day and share my experiences with you. I realise that these photos don't capture what Israel actually looks like from the outside, I'll try to show you the neighbourhood but for the moment it's all about the mishpocha.


Suse said...

Mishpocha! I love it. Your mission for the week is to teach us a Yiddish word for each day. (Or Hebrew?)

In the meantime, have a wonderful hok a chainik with the mishpocha.

(Are you impressed? I looked up a Yiddish slang dictionary especially to impart that little gem.)


Suse said...

It was probably totally wrong, wasn't it?


Soft Rock Mama said...

I love traveling with you, and now we are in Israel!!! Can't wait to see what you show

Anonymous said...

Yes, please teach us a Yiddish or Hebrew word every day. It will be your own special Word-A-Day thingy. And keep on with the photographs.

Paola said...

I am joining the Yiddish band wagon and would love to learn more new words!
Also, I want you to know that when I saw your brother (why did you hide him until now?) I thought OMG there's Fabio! They sound so much alike as the 5:30AM bike ride is what Fabio does often. Or maybe a run. Or a hike in the mountains.
Yeah, separated at birth.

Mary said...

Doing the happy dance up here in the mountains.

Actually that Is not true. I am not dancing.

But i am so happy you are posting from Israel..

Anna of Helylle said...

And now you're in Israel. Wow, you do get around - I'm so thrilled for you! I wish you a very very happy stay and look forward to read more about your adventures.

Of course I still care very much abiĆ³ut what you do and post.

Badger said...

Oh, I am so happy you are in Isreal! With your family! I have a friend who lives in Haifa and another friend from Tel Aviv and the pictures they send make it appear to be an absolutely beautiful country. I would love to visit there someday!

Julia said...

You and your brother do have a similarity - you both look absolutely youthful! Super pictures and I'm looking forward to our vocabulary power building ;-).

RW said...

I too, am excited about learning some new words.