Sunday, November 7, 2010

For Tuli

Tuli wrote in my commentbox:

Dearest Eleanor, I think you need to do videos of the Hebrew Phrase Of The Day. I *think* I'm pronouncing it correctly but I can't be sure!

Tutorial, please!


Dear Tuli,
My father was so impressed with your respect for the Hebrew Phrase of the Day that he agreed to provide a brief tutorial for your enjoyment.

Much love,
E x

P.S. Please note that the first "H" is guttural while the second is not. Tricky.


Anonymous said...

Your father is a cutie -- he looks so proud of you! And now I have a voice to put with your face :)

Suse said...

You are your father look so much alike!

Jodie said...

Hello Eleanor's dad.
Did you know that your daughter is an amazing woman ? of course you did.
She is much loved !

blackbird said...

He is charming!

Perhaps he can do some more for us?

Tuli said...

Oh, how wonderful! I was doing the second H all wrong. So nice to hear the proper way to say it. :)

And, it's so nice to hear your voice and your dad is such a gem for participating and...


Paola said...

I can't but agree, your father is so cute for doing this for you AND us.
You have a great voice.
Thanks Tuli for the idea.

eurolush said...


Oh, our dad is so handsome. Aren't we so lucky?

Love, love, love this, E. What a wonderful surprise.

(Now planning to make my (other) father pronounce something on my blog...but what? German beer names?)

Badger said...

And now I totally have a crush on your dad. AWKWARD!

OMG, my word verification this time is "derchief". Because your dad is der Chief! Der Chief von den ... er, phrase of the day. Or whatever. My four years of German lessons are failing me here.

alice c said...

Oh! Oh! I am overcome to hear your voice - and to meet your father!

I send you my love.

Duyvken said...

And have a felafel roll for Mr Duyvken while you are there, he claims the felafel he has eaten in Israel are better than anywhere else on earth.
Well, better than anywhere else than he's been anyway :-)

RW said...