Friday, March 26, 2010

With thanks

Thank you!!! Your commentboxes are filled with so much understanding and kindness, you really made a difference to my day. I feel a little silly now because I took such a small occurrence so very seriously, but I guess that's the reality of life - everything feels huge and all-consuming while you are in the midst of it. Suffice to say that I had an uneventful day of study today, and I have also very very diplomatically followed up on what happened, so as to ensure that I don't have to experience it again. You are all THE BEST, and I send you hugs and kisses wherever you are in this big wide world we write in.

I thought you might get a kick out of this little clip from the action thriller "The Long Kiss Goodnight."

"No no no, forget all that schoolteacher business. It was your cover. Your memory was gone, you got confused, you bought your own cover. It was a fantasy!"
"No, it's not a fantasy, I'm in the goddamn PTA!"
"Then quit! You're an assassin working for the US Govt. I ought to know, I trained you."

Love it!!

(Written by Shane Black, who also wrote the Lethal Weapon films)


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I love The Long Kiss Goodnight. One of my top 20 films fo'sho.

Glad to hear your day went better.