Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The last photo in this Journeymama post necessitated the writing of a poem. So here it is:
(For Journeymama’s Solo, with love)

In fairytales
The kings and queens
Rule kingdoms
Far and wide,
With land long owned
And silver stowed
And knights who do
And die.

In battles long
The kingdom won
In castle
Made of stone,
The royal couple
Side by side
Are served a feast

Beyond the walls,
Beyond the moat
Of water deep
And dark,
And further down
The tree-lined path
Which leads to woods
And grass,
Keep walking now
And there you’ll see
The subjects
One and all,
They wake and bake
And clean and make.
They’ll never
Rule the world.

Someone is king
And someone not,
All this you know
I’m sure.
Yet I’ll tell you
A different rule,
Which is not taught
At school.

A king’s true throne
And golden crown
Are never in
Full view,
They hide in letters,
Pictured poems,
They hide in psalms
And you.

For waking, baking,
Cleaning, making
Need not be done
Just take your time
To look straight down
And notice
Golden curls,
And tiny hands
And dimpled elbows
Chubby, sunkissed
Which firmly stand
Upon the throne
Which helps him
Reach the treats.


NorahS said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Eleanor. Don't know how you do it but keep on doing it.

eurolush said...

Your talent for words is amazing. Journey Mama will love this.

Tj and Mark said...

ahhhhh. Do you hear the inflection. So sweet.

Mary said...

Have just spent a lovely hour reading her blog and am now back to read this poem and savour it!

Duyvken said...

I love it. How I would love to spend a day in her shoes. Her life seems very similar to mine and yet so much more exotic and interesting.

Anna of Helylle said...

Thanks for this new aquaintance, of course you found just the right words to go with the love that shines from Journey mama's blog. You rock, both of you!