Friday, March 5, 2010


Miss CB got her Ps today, which means she can now drive a car all by herself, alone.

I spent the morning watching "Alien" and compiling a beat sheet, which means that I wrote down every major change in plot as it occurred.

I have had blepharitis for many years and it has been under control until this past week. Major flare-up is sending me back to the ophthalmologist. It's a problem. May be connected to stress and watching endless hours of TV and film.

Anybody watching "The Good Wife"? I'm surprised at how compelling it is, I think I'm hooked.

I am completely and utterly addicted to "In Treatment". Five 20 minute episodes (which were apparently shown on cable Monday through Friday) following a psychologist and 4 different patients' sessions, with the 5th being his own session with a psychologist. Then they continue with those same patients for the entire season! Gabriel Byrne, I heart you (although Mr. CB is still my one and only true love. Ahem.).

I also have to do a beat sheet for "Finding Nemo." It's so beautifully structured.

A guy in one of my classes once said "I dare any one of you tell your friends that you're doing a beat sheet for Basic Instinct." Most paused film moment ever?! You know...Sharon Stone...OK...change of topic....

There's a guy in my class who's ambition is to be the youngest person to write a TV series, ever, in the world. I found that to be really sweet and funny.

I found the nanny next door sitting in her car and having a tiny little cry the other day. Both her charges have started going to preschool twice a week and she was missing them terribly. The nanny next door is a very special woman.

It is raining on my laundry. I can't be bothered reacting.

If you ever watch "The Queen" and see the screen saver on the menu think of my dog Blue....Helen Mirren is shown staring straight ahead with a very stern look in her eyes, and Blue totally freaked out and started whining and cowering. I swear he really did!

I'm attending a seminar with Jane Campion tomorrow morning and I'm trying to pretend that it's perfectly normal when inside I'm jumping up and down and running around like a maniac and whooping with excitement.


Suse said...

OMG. Please tell Ms Campion that I almost fainted with delight at the bluebells in the wood scene.


Suse said...


Anonymous said...

Jane Campion????
Eleanor, we don't hear from you for so long anda then you drop THESE bombs.

Stomper Girl said...

Wow. to JC

and congrats to Miss CB for the P-plates. I hope you're getting her to run lots of errands for you.

The Coffee Lady said...

Someone once told me that they had been chatted up by Gabriel Byrne, but had turned him down in an attempt to play hard to get and hook him further.

It didn't work. Gabriel Byrne just moved on.

eurolush said...

You do realize I'm living vicariously through your life.

Anonymous said...

I had to google Jane Campion, but when I did I said, Wow!

Poor Blue!

Frogdancer said...

OMG! Jane Campion?

I'm rather envious...

MsCellania said...

Gosh, when you grab a job out of the cosmos, you grab a good one!
Sorry about the eye condition. A friend has it, and she washes her lids/lashes daily with baby shampoo.
Big CONGRATS to Ms. CB and you for her attaining driving privileges! WOOT for an errand-runner!

Duyvken said...

I am enjoying The Good Wife too.
Beat sheets sound like fun!
Do you know that I've never seen Basic Instinct?