Sunday, January 17, 2010

This and Here

I watched this here.

Of course the well-known Hollywood stars added to the attraction, but the fabulous acting and fascinating play took over as soon as the curtain went up.

So a couple of days later Mr. Cb and I hopped on the subway and got off at Brooklyn, I especially love this audio (soon we'll be able to listen to bb's audio of Manhattan!!!). We walked and walked until it was time for brunch. Our table stood between the tables of two "regulars" - a single man and a couple of women who greeted each other with surprise. Apparently they both usually come to Siggy's much earlier on Saturday morning but the man explained to the women that he's teaching a new class at 9 now (his sweater had a musical emblem on it), the women explained to the man that they had to go to Ikea, and that means getting there early to beat the crowds. He wanted to know why they hadn't stayed there for meatballs, but they explained that the smell of the cinnamon buns put them off. He said he loves the smell of cinnamon buns, they agreed but felt that it wasn't quite right to smell that while eating meatballs. Then all 3 turned their attention to us and showered us with information about Brooklyn and exclaimed with delight upon hearing that we had wandered into their regular "place" ("we think of Siggy's as an extension of our apartment," said the two women in unison) all the way from Australia.

We then walked for several more hours, until I finally insisted we stop here. You saw that 3-layer chocolate cake? That's what we ate. Then we continued walking.

Then I watched this here.

It was very lucky that I had bought a large can of Energy earlier that day from here. I had originally wanted to buy a can of this, but they were all out.


Duyvken said...

I adore that superhero supply place, I can't wait to take the kids there one day!
I am glad you had some of that triple layer choc cake for me. I have already eaten all my Jan calories so I am glad to can keep going for me!

Anonymous said...

That cake looks to die for. Sounds like you are truly experiencing NYC!

Anonymous said...

You are having such a great time in NY!
I'm glad you can't see me now, I'm all green ...

blackbird said...

I'm so proud of you.
All the cool kids hang out in Brooklyn.