Monday, January 11, 2010

The Commentbox family goes to Tuvalu

We arrived at the train-station 45 minutes early. I didn't want to miss the train and be late, and I know what it's like to get my family out of the house, only this time everybody was very excited and very organised. Visiting bb does that to a family.

Here is Miss Cb holding a little vase with a single rose, for bb. The florist spent a long time wrapping the rose in its own micro climate so that it would not freeze on the way to the station. Miss Cb cared for it as if it was a newborn baby.

What do bloggers do when they have time to kill at a train station? That's right - they photograph their feet. Look at that, not an Ugg in sight.

Here I am on the train, overexcited. I am wearing 2 blogging talismans which give me superpowers, allowing me to defeat my tendency towards debilitating shyness - the scarf Kmkat knitted for me, and the earrings Eurolush made for me.

Mr and Master CB ponder the beauty of blogging relationships:

The rose, in the micro climate, on my lap, in the train, waiting.

And then, before we could say "Hi, we're the Commentboxes, are you bb?" a tiny black-coated puffball of a blackbird hurled herself at us, shrieking and laughing and hugging us. Best train platform welcome I have EVER received!!

We then all piled into the Jeep ( I KNOW, it's true Suse, I did say "I can't believe I'm sitting in bb's car," I did) and bb cunningly took us on a tour of Tuvalu, ensuring complete disorientation just in case we turned out to be a crazy blog family who would stalk her and her family for the rest of their natural life.

We entered the bird nest and were greeted by a tall and gorgeous husband, followed by eldest, middle and youngest quietly smiling at us and completely stealing my heart. There was a perfectly prepared fire in the fireplace, which I think they started by rubbing two sticks together over some shavings and a high-beam lamp, as the blackbirds are known to do from time to time. There was also the smell of THE BEST DAMN FRIED CHICKEN WE HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF EATING.

Yes, we sat around and sipped wine and nibbled on lovely cheese and chatted (well, I mostly laughed and laughed), but it was really all about getting to the table and getting our hands on K's food. Here is ONE of the plates of chicken (sigh, drool) and the leftovers of the hotwingswhicharereallydrumsticks appetizers. The chicken is waiting for the other plate of chicken, and the potatoes, and the coleslaw. Sigh, drool. Oh, and look, there's the rose, happily witnessing the ensuing gluttony.

Here is dessert, moments before it disappeared.

Here are Master Cb and Youngest killing many people on screen. We are so proud! Master Cb claims that this moment was the highlight of his holiday, and praise does not come higher than that, I assure you.

Oh look, self-portrait with famous blackbird painting and a collection of stones from Paola's beach, hi Paola!!!

The hug. What can I say? I think my face says it all.

A commentbox IRL:

Vanna White Commentbox and her trusty assistant:


Commentbox with graffiti from a few Aussie bloggers who sneaked into my luggage:

It was a magical night. The blackbirds are an exceptional family, welcoming us into their home with such warm friendship that we immediately all felt at home. You know that feeling you get when bb comments on your blog, or answers your comment? Yes, that feeling of acceptance and understanding and humour and sparkly love-of-life? Well.. that's exactly what she's like IRL.

Eventually bb brought us back to the station, and we hugged one last time, and I got emotional. Almost as emotional as I was while writing my comment on the blackboard. You see, it's really thanks to bb that I have met all of YOU, dear bloggy friends of mine.

So thanks bb! And thanks to the entire bb family!
It was a wonderful evening.


Poppy Buxom said...

"the bird nest"

How very true!

Isn't bird amazing? Here I am, in your comment box!

Great post. I loved hearing the story from your point of view.

eurolush said...

What a fun night! So glad to be able to "see" some of what you saw in Tuvalu. Dinner looked amazing. The chalkboard "comment box" was hilarious. I'm very proud that you made it into the inner sanctum in <2 years. Well done!

PS-I, too, feel indebted to the schwarze Vogel for so much. Don't get me started...don't EVEN get me started. (*tears*)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, cannot comment. Too busy coveting Ms. Cb's boots.

Well, actually, I CAN comment. Your evening with the bb family was exactly as any of us could have expected -- super-warm welcome, excellent food, many laughs, friendship all around. The blackboard was a surprise, but what a hoot!

(And I am so glad you have that scarf to keep you warm in the coldcoldcold that is the US right now!)

blackbird said...

The Bird family was equally smitten!

alice c said...

I have favourited this post so that I can read it again and again. I was there with you, hanging on to your lucky scarf!

Suse said...

I was there too, hanging on every word.


kim at allconsuming said...

Sighing deeply.

And can you come home now? I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Eleanor, you are adorable. You and your family. And meeting bb and her family? What a lovely way to start off the year.


Jodie said...

I am so glad we get to follow this adventure of yours Miss CB - you are having so much fun!

Stomper Girl said...

Oh and such fun to read it from both sides of the story. Sounds like a wonderful night.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

And I met YOU because of bb!
She was one of the first 2 people to ever comment on my blog.

The comment box on her chalkboard was genius!

Miss Cb is seriously beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eleanor!
I WAS there with you via the pebbles! How cool is that! We partially met already, he he ...
I know exactly what you felt while in the nest, because I felt all those feelings too. It's one huge warm embrace of love, laughter and darn good food!
How gorgeous is MissCB? Too much for words I say. She's a beauty. Why of course, she's your daughter ...

Duyvken said...

Woohoo! There I am on BB's blackboard. You are a dear girl, E. So glad you all had a wonderful time. I often turned towards NYC and waved, did you see me?!
Right now I am busy pretending that we're still in Boston playing in the snow and not home in Sydney doing the laundry

Mary said...

Oh Eleanor - (I often seem to start comments here with Oh Eleanor) but

Oh Eleanor - this moved me as much as reading bb's account did

And the final photo was the most perfect finish..

Anonymous said...


The time was too short and the I'm still enjoying the laugher we shared. It was wonderful meeting your whole family.


P.S. chicken wings are actually supposed to be made with wings. I just thought drumsticks would be less messy for the Cb's.