Monday, January 4, 2010


In the season of gingerbread
Walls of a house,
When the cold northern side
Of the world gallops fast,
That's when you'll find them
Those feelings you thought
Had been left in the hallway
With lost shoes and old coats.

You'll pick up those feelings
And pocket them quick,
Feeling their contours
In black midnight fits.
For when others do see them
They are eager to say
That they're not truly yours
And should be thrown away.

But these feelings have issued
And grown in the dark,
They have waited in silence
While noise travelled fast,
And now that you've found them
Again you must start
To remain brave and focused
And never lose heart.

So it's not how it seemed,
So the past's not quite right,
And the feelings remind you
Of all that you've lost.
So Hansel and Gretel
Never made it back home
And the witch is so real
And the forest so cold.

It's just snowdrift season,
A mistake of mere time,
To be cured with
Space travel,
Some sweet


fifi said...

oh, Eleanor.

Such a beautiul rhyme it is too.

never say "lost"...

have a lovely time.

blackbird said...

What a wonder that you are experiencing all these things!

Mary said...

A belated happy birthday...

and may you find what you think you have lost..

kim at allconsuming said...

You're giving us poetry? OH DUDE. I'm too stupid to decipher these things. Is it bad? Are you sad? Is it wondrous? G'AH - it's times like this I wish my analytical brain wasn't so brick like.

eurolush said...

I feel warmer already!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!

And Kim, I REALLY would love to hug you because you make me smile ALL.THE.TIME!