Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A night and a day

Last night we ate dinner here, and we all slept really well last night. Best comfort food in the world, and especially good when it's very cold outside.

Today we ate lunch here. It was very hard to choose from the menu, everything sounded so wonderful, and our sandwiches were served with carrot sticks and tiny packets of potato chips. There was a group of NYU students sitting at the table next to us, discussing their mothers, "Dude, your mother sounds like she'd TOTALLY get on with my mom. Although that's a scary thought...both of them...together." I'm not sure if I like the idea of my children talking with their friends about me.....I'm terribly naive, I suppose.

After lunch, Miss Cb and I passed this shop. These shoes were on sale, and when I tried them on I felt like Mary Poppins, so I bought them, and wore them home. Miss Cb purchased these. It was a great day!


Duyvken said...

I love your new shoes! And Miss CB's with the cute little bugs? Totally adorable!
I am so glad you can blog while you are o/s, we'd be horribly sad without you!

blackbird said...

What a trip!
I meant to tell you about both of those restaurants...you are doing things JUST RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Your new shoes rock! My elder son graduated from NYU, but he subsisted largely on falafel so is of no use for eatery recommendations.

eurolush said...

Aiiiiii! The shoes!!! While your shoes are amazingly adorable and perfectly suited for Mary Poppins, I'm partial to Miss Cb's choice, I must admit...because, ladybugs!!!

Also, did you happen to notice what was right next to the "search" option window in the right hand corner of the web site? A MUSHROOM!! It therefore has my mushroom stamp of approval. The highest level possible.

The food? Oh, my. Mac and cheese and Peanut butter???? Sounds sooo good!!!

You are having the best time, and I am incredibly happy for you. (Insert mushroom stamp o. Approval here.)

Anonymous said...

Burp, ooops sorry!
Couldn't resist the deliciousness.
You're KILLING me.

MsCellania said...

In love with the ladybugs.
Thank goodness you can blog. It's almost as good as being there myself!