Saturday, December 12, 2009

The shack

Tonight is the second night of Chanukah (you know, the fried foods festival). Do you remember what I was doing this time last year? That was a magical week last December when you all accompanied me to the beach, squeezing into my little shack and building sand-castles.

We all walked down to the beach once again this morning. It felt good to get out into the bright sunshine and stroll hand-in-hand through the quiet Saturday-morning streets.

Here is the cafe where we stopped and ordered our take-away lattes, because we were celebrating coffeelady's birthday. Happy birthday my little caffeinated friend!! See that little blue container on the pavement? The cafe owner leaves it filled with water, for Blue, Bryn, Tex and Clover to enjoy while they wait.

Look at that!!

This was our view from the shack.

It was a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...


:-) said...

My brain was in Nthn Hemisphere December dog-walking mode so there was some little shock when I saw the pictures. *Sigh* I miss the warm and proper beaches.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous day! But srsly, Tex goes all the way TO AUSTRALIA for a drink? What some dogs will do...

::shuffles away mumbling::

margalit said...

You're killing me here! It's about 20 F today and I didn't even stick my head out the door it's so cold. Seeing the beach... well it gives me hope that I can make it through one more Boston winter because I've got a North Shore summer to come.

I NEED these beach photos. Keep 'em coming,

Suse said...

Sailor asks very politely if there's room for him at the water bowl please? He promises he won't be greedy, but he would love to meet all his doggy-bloggy mates.

Duyvken said...


Mary said...

I think my Jack would love to join in that action too!