Monday, December 21, 2009

Compare and contrast

Rushing off this morning, but simply had to quickly tell you that the entire Commentbox family saw "Avatar" in 3-D last night and I'm very much looking forward to describing all of our reactions.

However, in the interests of brevity at this very moment, I just want to say that the 2-D beauty of "Bright Star" (story aside for now) surpasses James Cameron's digitally enhanced genius, and nobody is more surprised at this than I am!

There is a scene in BS when Fanny's mother walks into her room, which Fanny has been using as a butterfly "farm," and she swats at the butterflies as she makes her way towards her daughter who's laying in her bed and pining for her beloved John. All of Avatar's stunning scenes of Pandorian jungle beauty (and it is beauty of the most wondrous sort) do not even come close to that butterfly scene.

But then, I don't really think that I'm the primary target audience of Avatar.

Mr. CB is!


Julia said...

After reading up on John Keats and Fanny B. I'm definitely going to have to see the movie! Thanks for reviewing it in your inimitable Eleanor style!

Anonymous said...

All of which reinforces my long-held belief that it is easier to create astonishing special effects than it is to write and act a good story.

Anonymous said...

And I am with Kmkat.

MsCellania said...

My mother is set to take the boys and I to Avatar. My husband is going to take me to Bright Star after reading your post!