Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hairstyling and chocolate

I woke up this morning thinking about my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, many of them sitting by their warm fires as snow falls outside. Thought to myself that it's really only fair to share a little hairstylin' secret which I've been using for the past year, because a girl can't be running down to the beach and diving into the ocean every day now, can she? If I were to put together a Christmas present recommendation list this would be number one. Funny thing is - it's made in Sweden.

Last night I attended Mr. CB's company Christmas party, a small gathering organised by a lovely young woman who sat next to me, anxiously looking around the table to check that everyone was having fun. She had placed a small box beside each plate, and inside were three gorgeous little chocolate truffles. We all peeked inside and then continued talking, drinking and eating. Tea and coffee was served at the end of the meal, and I shocked Mr. CB by ordering an espresso (guaranteed to keep me up all night) but it was an Italian restaurant and I had to drive us back home (designated driver). As I began to sip my coffee the lovely young woman beside me leaned forward and whispered to me "I made the truffles myself". I turned and looked at her in surprise. "One is Turkish Delight, and the other is Eggnog," I smiled at her in amazement. "They would go very very well with your espresso." She MAKES CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES and modestly offers them as gifts to co-workers, I know I don't have to tell you how amazingly wonderful that is!! I announced this to the group gathered around the table and suddenly everyone turned to this lovely woman who had worked so hard behind the scenes to make the evening a success. She blushed quite a bit, but it was praise she so rightly deserved.

At the end of the evening she gave me an extra box to give to my daughter, because I had mentioned to her how much Miss CB enjoys baking. She also whispered to me:
"The recipe is from, your daughter might like to know that." I thought that you'd like to know that too. So here is the Eggnog Truffle and here is the Turkish Delight Truffle. Something else I'd add to a Christmas present recommendation list, if I was putting one together.


Frogdancer said...

I'm so glad you found out about the truffles in time. They look absolutely lovely.

Anonymous said...

Truffles sound delish.
Hey, Happy Hannukah (or Chanukah, I am not quite sure how to spell it correctly!).
If i think of Christmas and heat, I cannot even imagine how it could ever be, so there you go.

Jodie said...

May she have a magical christmas....

:-) said...

Yay for you for making sure everyone knew she was the chocolatier. And for knowing we would appreciate her gesture.

Duyvken said...

You're a darling, E. You will write wonderful scripts because you are a wonderful observer of human nature.
... and you know that I don't use the word wonderful flippantly.

eurolush said...

I'm with Duyvken. Well said.

I'm also whole-heartedly for making friends with chocolate truffle makers. Win!

PS-A belated Happy Hannukah to you and the Comment Box Family!

Jeanette said...

All good things come from Sweden.....Ha, Ha!

And now I must go check out those
chocolate truffles.... You can NEVER get to much chocolate!

Take care dear friend

Barrett Bonden said...

Given your expert details about women's make-up (It's for a novel I'm writing, folks; I'm far too old to be contemplating trannydom) I felt I had to click on the link. So you can now spray on the tousled just-out-of-the-ocean look, I find. But is it truly authentic? I swam some long long distances off a Greek island last summer and the predominant after-effect was stickiness. As a Pom I share the national lack of interest in personal hygiene and don't go in for post-swim showers so this may well be an unnoticed phenomenon in Oz where I believe people tend to be cleaner. No problem for me but it would have been for one of those blonde hoydens in the ad, had she trailed her fingers through my hair. You know, I'm wondering why I brought up this subject.

BabelBabe said...

1) what flavor was the third truffle?
2) I have been looking for a hairstyling product like this my entire life. Thank you.