Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things you can do at Sewjourn that you can't do anywhere else

Wake up at 5am and race out through the back door, down the path and into the studio to start sewing.

Sew an entire wardrobe for yourself before breakfast.

Say "I need to go back to my sewing" and just go, because you want to.

Hear the phrase "Breakfast/lunch/dinner is ready" and enter the house to find a beautifully set table and a delicious meal.

Become obsessed with starting a fire in the fireplace in the morning, and continue obsessively tending to that same fire until bedtime. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Place packets of chocolate biscuits on the kitchen counter and help yourself as you see fit throughout the day. And night.

Lie in bed and think to yourself "Oh my god. Oh my god. I am sleeping in the same room as Suse! And she's wearing her artichoke socks. From her blog. Oh my god I'm sleeping in the same room as Suse."

Realise that reading and writing are COMPLETELY different to sewing in one HUGE way, you cannot hold a conversation while reading and writing. But you can certainly try very very hard.

Learn how to catch (and set free) a bird which got into one of the bedrooms and is flapping around in a panic. This is how you do it...Suse taught me. 1/ Go into bedroom and immediately close door behind you 2/ Grab a towel and wrap it around crazed bird 3/ Gently walk with bird in towel to front door while cooing softly and telling it to hush sweet bird, you'll be just fine, please hush you sweet little thing 3/ Laugh with delight as bird flies away screeching and flapping crazily.

Listen to the rhythmic tapping of a fabulous tapdancer who is wearing purple and white tap shoes and is practicing her choreography on the verandah.

Discover what happens when someone who's a tiny bit tipsy from the red wine at dinner tries to crochet a granny square - what happens is... a triangle.

Watch a woman spinning wool and marvel at how beautifully her body moves back and forth back and forth back and forth, like an exotic dance.

Take a walk up the road and discover the best bookshop in the whole world.

Watch someone make a cute monkey out of a sock, and then place said cute monkey in a funny pose while they're sleeping.

Crafting is not really a QUIET activity. I always thought it would be quiet, huh.

Discover that someone made you a cup of tea already, and it's there waiting for you, with love.

Talk for great lengths of time, and in the most minute detail, about the colour, texture, feel, weight, dimension and cost of a certain fabric.

Make your own wheatbag in under 5 minutes, heat it in the microwave and place it on your stomach for extra warmth while writing your essay. Explain cheekily that you are NOT's the wheatbag.

Talk honestly with 8 other women about the realities of family life, without the fear of being judged or misunderstood.

Walk around without paying much attention to how you look, and know that nobody really cares how you look...they are simply happy to have you there for company.

***For links to all of the Sewjourn Sisters please go back to my first Sewjourn post! Also, there are a couple of new postings (with photos!!) that have just been published today by Stompergirl and Jenny!!


fifi said...


sound like absolute heaven.

fifi said...

sounds, even .

Stomper Girl said...

Yes, that sums it up so beautifully! I laughed at the reminder of Janet's triangle.

trashalou said...

So.... Sewjourn is about exotic dancing then?

Badger said...

I am sew jealous.

Tuli said...

I'm with Badger on this jealous!

eurolush said...

I already told Pea Soupy I was mad at her for rooming with you...Now it's time to tell you: I'm mad at YOU for rooming with Pea Soupy.


Because...I forbid you to have so much fun together--while I'm here in Germany all by myself apparently (and most unfortunately)talking about dead ducks and wandering aimlessly--pretty much at the same time.

PS-I imagine you both stayed up late each night whispering, giggling and telling secrets. Am I right?


Frogdancer said...

That second-to-last point would make the whole thing worthwhile, even without the sewing, knitting, dancing, writing and red wine.

Silke said...

Sounds like you had such a wonderful time! I admire sewing skills!! Sounds amazing!! :) Silke

Suse said...

I woke up in the middle of the night and thought to myself 'Oh my god I'm sharing a room with eleanorfromthecommentbox oh my god!'

Although I had no idea what socks you were wearing.

Also you made steps 1 and 2 in the bird rescue instructions far more seamless than they actually were.

Alby Mangroves said...

AND also, I believe that was my poncho and not a towel used in the bird rescue. But I believe you about the rest, it was really such a fantastic time, I wish it was a two week weekend..

Anonymous said...

That all sounds ideal. btw, the same thing can happen when trying to knit after a few glasses of wine...

Janet said...

yes that was funny about the triangle! but I was fine once I got past that - what a beautiful summation of craft weekend! I'm so glad you came.

Maria said...

Seems to be a nice place to be. As a contrast to ordinary life for med as a mum....

Anonymous said...

Like going back in time and being young, free and careless. Beautiful.

Jen said...

That sounds heavenly. Except the part about the bird. I'd have been the one under the towel, shrieking.