Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hello all!

It feels like ages since my last post, hope you are all well. I've had a change to my normal schedule because I'm working a bit (outside my usual work at home) and I just started a scriptwriting course. The course is online and involves a huge amount of preparation and two evening sessions in a chat room with 24 other students and the teacher. I keep on missing all of you in that chat room, it's SO much's amazing how quickly we started acting like a real class, with the teacher having to get our attention, the 2 boys in the back corner making silly remarks, the serious girl sitting in the front row with her hand in the air ( that would be me). I'm learning so much and I love it.

I am also going away this weekend, well...actually...I will be seeing some of you this weekend in person. I'm going to Melbourne to a "crafting retreat" organised by Suse...I's like being invited to the set of a favourite film!!! I have been assured that craftiness is not a necessity, so I'll be taking along lots of books, I also bought new pyjamas, and I'm kinda obsessing about what I'll make for Sunday lunch (we are each rostered for a meal). I'm so happy!
I shall try to do a lot of writing during my time away from home, so I will hopefully have some fun posts in the coming week to share with you. I have a feeling that being surrounded by a group of talented and beautiful women will inspire me could it not?

I shall leave you with a question which my teacher asked us: "In "Silence of the Lambs"...what is Clarice's problem?" The funny girl sitting next to me who reminded me a lot of Kim answered "She needs new shoes".

Oh, and something else that I found so interesting. Who is the antagonist in SOTL? We all said Hannibal, but NO, it's actually Buffalo Bill. You see, even though the audience probably all walked out of the film being scared of Hannibal, he was actually Clarice's MENTOR. He helps her and never harms her. I like that sort of stuff.

Good night all xxxx


fifi said...

have a splendid time, Eleanor!

The course sounds divine. How long before you finish your script? I wanna see the movie...

Mary said...

have a lovely time lovely girl.

So glad to see you spreading your wings!

Michelle said...

Have a great weekend, lovely girl.

A friend is doing a creative writing course in Melbourne, and she absolutely loves it too.

Michelle said...

Ooh! Just noticed that Mary called you a lovely girl too!

Probably because you are!

Silke said...

Oh, that course sounds like so much fun! I've always thought that I was slightly weird liking SOTL so much...;) What a great movie! I'll have to watch it again and pay attention to Clarice's shoes! Have fun at the crafting retreat!! :)Silke

trashalou said...

Hmmm .... Clarice's problem? Well, in the movie there is a whole back story about here relationship with another FBI fella and her driven personslity. Not sure how to clarify her problem but I feel sure a weekend hanging out crafting would certainly leave her more relaxed! Have a fabulous time :-)

trashalou said...

Oh my! I must apologise for my appalling typos.

Anonymous said...

Oh, never watched that movie.
But have a lovely weekend, your posts exudes happiness so have FUN!

BabelBabe said...

wahhhhh!!!!!! jealous!

Give Suse a giant hug and kiss from me, pls; will be thinking of you both all weekend long.

The Coffee Lady said...

What is writing if not craft? It doesn't flow out of the top of your head to be collected in a bucket as you run around the mountains, does it?

Jodie said...

Eleanor, they are indeed lucky to have you joining them. I hope you all have a wonderous splendid,delicious, new pyjama-clad time of it.

blackbird said...

I feel so proud of myself for knowing that Hannibal was her mentor what with it being covered in SCHOOL and all.
What in the world WAS Clarice's problem?
I think it may have been PANTYHOSE.

blackbird said...

I've watched that clip now - and just have to say: the way Ms. Foster uses her eyebrow, just at the cut - well, that's some good stuff.

RW said...

We saw this movie as a "family" when it first came out. We laugh about how odd that was.

I am super excited about your taking your course.

Enjoy your weekend Eleanor.

RW said...

We saw this movie as a "family" when it first came out. We laugh about how odd that was.

I am super excited about your taking your course.

Enjoy your weekend Eleanor.