Sunday, June 14, 2009

Musings on the mothering of young children

When the clouds finally lift
And the moon starts to rise,
Will you truly be ready
With wide open eyes?

Will you notice the swirls
Of stardust up there?
Or just turn a blind eye
And crawl back to your lair?

Preparation is key
And the turning is yours,
After feeding and sleeping
And a thousand dull chores.

Though your journey is long
And your battle is fierce,
The lifting of clouds
Is not to be missed.


kim at allconsuming said...

I'm not sure why you posted this today, but I have had the day (week? month?) from HELL parenting these young boys. Today was particularly grim and involved me succumbing to tears as I started making dinner tonight such was my saturation level of children screaming/crying/tantruming over the slightest of slights or perhaps just disliking the air that they breathe.

Eleanor said...

Dearest Kim, I now know why I posted this today. This is a poem I wish someone had written for me when my kids were little. So now I dedicate it to you, with my love and admiration.

Mary said...

Thank you for this my beautiful poetic friend..

Anonymous said...

So beautiful.

Suse said...

Your poetry gets more beautiful by the day.

BabelBabe said...

I am with Kim. Somehow you knew I needed this right now. Thank you, E. (And I have a package all ready to go to you, containing the cherry Kisses -- someday soon I will make it to the post office! I promise.)

Anna of Helylle said...

This is lovely!