Friday, September 26, 2008

Tuli's book

[A quick note before I start the post - Dear Anonymous who pointed out that Kriemhild may be sporting a beard - oh my gosh I think you're right!! You had me laughing out loud. Dear Sisters - I laughed so hard at your comment boxes that I almost wet my pants.] was I?

Oh, yes, hello dear Tuli!

I am so very pleased that you wanted to have a look at Peter Pan, because it is one of the books which I set aside when first unpacking the library boxes, and I read it almost immediately.

Interesting that you mention A.A. Milne, because I believe that J.M Barrie and Milne were friends, in fact I think I remember reading that they both played on a cricket team together with Sir Conan Doyle. Really!

The text of this edition of Peter Pan is based on the 1928 Library Edition of the play. In its introduction you will find a selection of notes which Barrie made when first exploring his ideas for such a story, for example:

14 October 1903
No one has grown up ideas (not parents or anyone).
'Mother, how did you get to know us?' (or we to know you?)
Parents looking at children in bed...
Peter Pan.
Peter is sprite inveigling children away from becoming grown up?
Peter says nothing really means anything - whirls & skips in middle of sad & serious scenes &c - just because must whirl & skip - mustn't think.
Dog commissioned by mother to keep them in bed - he does so as usual like a nurse.
The horror of growing up root of P...
Girl cd be called Wendy....

Are you loving this as much as I am? The notes actually go on and on, this is just a very small sampling for your pleasure.

There then follows "A Dedication - To The Five" by Barrie. 'The Five' were George, Jack, Peter, Michael and Nico Llewelyn Davies, and he writes to them: "I suppose that I always knew that I made Peter by rubbing the five of you violently together, as savages with two sticks produce a flame. That is all he is, the spark I got from you."

Here is the front cover of the book, it looks black in the photo but it is really a deep, deep blue:

And here are some of the powerful illustrations by Paula Rego. I hope you enjoy them Tuli!


eurolush said...

I feel as though we're having a lovely dinner party together, Eleanor, with lots of talk of books and authors, and a wonderful show and tell. Now if I could just get my hands on that wine bottle at the end of the table and pour myself another glass of wine...

The book notes to Peter Pan are fascinating and the dedication is great, too.

Also enjoyed hearing that Milne and Barrie were friends...I didn't know that.

Tuli said...

Dear Eleanor,

You have given me a wonderful, wonderful gift on this, my 36th birthday.

I must read this book! I think I had the Disney book when I was a girl but a mature woman of 36 needs an edition more along the lines of yours. What a glorious book. (I'm going to have so much fun shopping for this!)

Your Grandpa sure has a knack for picking out Books That Rock The Illustrations. These Pan pictures are so amazing! I LOVE the ship fight scene.

Thanks again, dearest Eleanor!
I look forward to more visits to your library.


Anonymous said...

"I made Peter by rubbing the five of you violently together, as savages with two sticks produce a flame. That is all he is, the spark I got from you."

Now that is a dedication! I loving traveling through your glorious library. Thank you for the lovely gift.

Suse said...

I never knew Peter Pan was a play before it became a book until last year when Son #1's class did the play.

Being aged 13, they all thought it was terribly babyish when they were first told that was their class play, but it was fabulous and they played it with a great sense of irony and fun. (A post about it is on my blog somewhere if you do a search). Son #1 played a Lost Boy and delivered his one line with great aplomb.