Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mary's book

Hello there Mary!
I have a feeling that this is definitely your type of book.

The "Monthly Letter" which accompanies the book (as it is a Limited Editions Club book) states:

"We think she [Louisa May Alcott] would have liked the flowered brocade that will cover the boards - chosen by Mr. Clarke because it is reminiscent of a period when young ladies plied a needle as adeptly as they now tune in their favourite TV channel."

The Letter is dated September 1967.

The illustrator - Henry C. Pitz - lived "in a community with the charming name of Plymouth Meeting, on a thoroughfare called East Germantown Pike, which is merely the heave of a rock from the birthplace of Miss L. M. Alcott in the Keystone State."

Many of the Club's books have a distinctive colophon which is featured on the last page. The colophons are designed by the illustrators and feature three characters posing with books. The colophon below is described thus:
"In his ingenious variation of our Three Readers symbol on the colophon page, you will recognize Louisa May Alcott, Marmee, and Jo."
Here is the colophon from "White Fang":
Here is the colophon from "Persuasion":

I hope you are happy with your choice Mary!!!


As you may have noticed, our Head Librarian (Ms. E) has been working extended hours so as to keep up with the growing demand for books. Ms. E. will attempt to finalise all loans by Monday, prior to the closing of the library Tuesday and Wednesday due to the celebration of the Jewish New Year.

Borrowing will resume on Thursday, but only in the afternoon, as excessive consumption of chicken soup, matza balls, gefilte fish, chopped liver, turkey, tsimmes, potato kugel and honey cake is expected.

We thank you in advance for your understanding, and wish you "Shana tova umetuka" - a very good and sweet new year.


RW said...

Oh. I do hope you write about your celebrations after the fact.

Julia said...

A good and sweet new year to you too!

bluemountainsmary said...

Oh thank you Head Librarian and Poetess (I have changed Poet to Poetess as I love the word Poetess) - definitely my kind of book.

Enjoy your new year - I may need some recipes for your celebratory food.

blackbird said...

Oh, that's a beauty -
Happy New Year Miss Librarian!

Tuli said...

Yet ANOTHER book with gorgeous illustrations -- your grandpa sure knows how to pick 'em!

Happy New Year, Eleanor. I, like Mary, am hoping for a recap of your celebrations.

(Also, I adore the phrase "heave of a rock" but fear that using it in place of "a stone's throw" in public will get me weird looks. But I may try it anyway because I'm crazy like that.)

eurolush said...

Happy New Year to you, dearest Eleanor!

Another lovely book...

alice c said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. May it be full of exciting projects and the good health to enjoy them.

Please, please some photos of your celebration food. Gasp. You could not have written a more tempting sentence because I have become fascinated by kosher food recently.