Friday, September 26, 2008

The sisters' books

Yesterday, Eurolush wandered into my library, and immediately reached out her long and graceful arm in the general direction of the Brontes.

"Hello, dearest," I whispered softly to her, "I have prepared two books for you. I hope that they will be to your liking."

"Why E," she turned to me and smiled, "I do believe they will be simply perfect."

Just as Eurolush's beautifully manicured right hand touched Jane Eyre, the library door swung open once again, and in ran her sister B. In a mad rush (the sort of rush NOT ALLOWED within the confines of the library), sister B pushed, nay, shoved, Eurolush aside and stood before the entire shelf while waving her outstretched arms back and forth and spreading her legs as far as they could go (without doing the splits. Which she CAN do. But she chose not to) and yelling "I want to see ALL of them. The shelf is MINE. MINE I say."

At that point, Blue ran into the library, for he is the library's guard dog, and he is a VICIOUS, and UNFORGIVING guardian of the books. Thankfully, no action was necessary, for Tex and Mattie wagged their tails at him and then they all proceeded to do a lot of personal-type sniffing of each other. Finally, Blue led the way to the little sunroom, and there, on the carpet, in the corner to the right of the desk, was the perfect sun-spot, just large enough for three dogs to lie in, and nap.

But I digress.

Ah, yes, the books.

Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, for your viewing pleasure:

[The illustrator of these two sister books was Barnett Freedman. Freedman was born in the East End of London in 1901, the son of poor Jewish emigrants from Russia. At the time that he was commissioned to illustrate Wuthering Heights he was at Dunkerque, for he had been officially assigned to the task of painting the war for the archives of English history. He illustrated Jane Eyre a bit later, while assigned to the Royal Navy, and he had to get a special leave of absence to go to London to complete the work.]


Tuli said...

Gorgeous, I say! Just gorgeous.

I'm very glad the illustrator was able to get his leave.

Beth in Atlanta said...

Oh, dear! I just got caught up in the moment! I didn't mean to be pushy when I bodyslammed petite pretty Eurolush out of the way and ripped the masterpieces from her delicate claws. Sure, she wept, but she knows B. loves her.

I only wanted to touch the books and smell their bindings.
I'm an enthusiastic smeller of things - some refer to it as OCD.

Then, when she finally pulled herself together and stopped her silly bawling, I let her come back over and take a looky-loo.

Seriously, Eleanor, those books are special. My only regret was knocking over your lovely lamp, even though it WAS in the way of my divebomb towards the Jane Austen section.

Eurolush has forgiven me for my over-enthusiasm. She is so kind about my littly quirks.

Eleanor, I'm sorry I bit Blue. It wasn't my fault. Blue made a sudden move toward Persuasion, my favorite, and I just, I just lost my cotton pickin' mind.

Mattie also feels awful for the launguage she used with Blue and Tex during the initial chaos. Afterwards, she enjoyed their company very much and found the sniffing and cuddlying wonderful.

In fact, Mattie liked Blue and Tex so much, she created a video for them called "Water Dog - The Early Years," which is destined to become an international obsession.

If this link doesn't work, just go to youtube and search for "water dog-the early years."

Oh, and Eleanor, please, please, please, keep the books coming. I love them. They make my heart dance the chacha.
I love your books... and you... and you incredible firecracker of a grandfather.

Cheers! Beth

eurolush said...

Eleanor, let me first thank you for the first aid you rendered after yesterday's library "incident." My cuts and scrapes are healing nicely, and the swelling has started to go down on my right side. With heavy concealer, I've managed to (somewhat) hide the black eye.

Thanks also for the tissues and the pep talk. You're right, what happened in your lovely, cozy, and well-stocked library was "unnecessary" and "unfortunate." I am indebted to you and your faithful dog, Blue. I had no idea you both had cage fighting backgrounds. Your skills were awe-inspiring.

As for B's bad library behavior, let me say this: It all revolves around ONE thing, and ONE thing only...

B has never, ever gotten over the addition, nearly 37 years ago, of two adorable twin sisters to the family dynamic. Her desperate need for attention and deep resentment of her younger siblings has only grown over the years.

At six years of age, she lost her status as youngest child in the family, being swiftly replaced by a pair of dark-haired, rosy-cheeked, sweet-tempered, perfect twin baby girls.

That angry six-year old child is still there, inside her youthful, 40-something, fashionably bedecked, and well-coiffed person. Usually, B has complete control over her. Sometimes, the angry six year old breaks free...and there is hell to pay.

While I did not appreciate the library violence yesterday, I have tried over my short lifetime, to understand her behavior.

I just wish she hadn't already trained her young puppy, Mattie, to attack on command.

That was uncalled for and deeply disturbing.

PS-Tex is recovering well, too. His bite wounds are healing and the fur will most certainly grow back.

PPS-Thank you, dear sister Eleanor, for the presentation of your amazing books. I second the shout out to you and your "firecracker" of a grandfather.