Thursday, September 25, 2008

RW's book

I wonder if RW is familiar with the content of this glorious book -

I wasn't, until she came over one day and pointed to it and said that she might like to peek inside, if that's all right. Which it was. Very much so.

The book is bound in black leather, and its title has been captured in a huge calligraphic design covering the entire span of the front cover.

The cut sides of the pages are speckled red, like a fairytale egg.

In the introduction, Nibelungenlied is described as being:

"A great poem written around 1200AD in a rather complicated rhymed strophe, the so-called 'Nibelungenstrophe,' by a poet still unknown but certainly of extraordinary powers."

There is a mighty young hero - Siegfried - a prince from Xanten in the Netherland, who slays a dragon, bathes in its blood, and thus becomes invulnerable (well...almost):

There is also fair Kriemhild - the beautiful daughter and sister of Burgundian kings - who has caught Siegfried's eye.
I especially like the jewels she is wearing. Kriemhild is not a tiny, fragile woman in this picture, oh no she's not, she's intense and powerful and wearing her entire cache of jewels with pride.

These are only two of the many illustrations accompanying this edition, and they are the creation of Edy Legrand.
I could go on and on RW, but there's a line of library patrons waiting to take out their own books, so I'm afraid that's it for now. By the way...I'm sorry about the poor photography....hopefully you'll be able to click on the photos so as to enlarge them...which may help a bit.

Kind regards,

Eleanor (Head librarian).


Tuli said...

Look at those illustrations!


RW said...

I love the cover!

The slaying of dragons and medieval rhyme. Wow.

Thanks E.

Anonymous said...

You had me at "speckled red, like a fairytale egg"

I love that Kriemhild isn't a tiny slip of a thing but do my eyes deceive me or is she sporting what looks to be a beard?

bluemountainsmary said...

Dear Head Librarian and Poet

I am not altogether sure that is my kind of book despite the Dutch Prince.

Which is fine - how boring if we all liked the same books.