Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Psst...over here...sshhhh....


yeah you,

come closer,

all right,

now without making any sudden moves, and without even glancing at the "Seven" post, go read Duyvken's comment to the "Writing tips" post.

Duyvken is, from today, and hereafter, like, forever, my mystical GURU. She is the learned elder who will always have the answer to my most complex numerological ponderings. She is The One.

And her family is the only original Seven. Duyvken took the number Seven and materialised it. She is that powerful. Stupid Posh doesn't know the half of the true meaning of Seven (no, it's not three and a half, silly).


trash said...

In fact this post could be regarded as the 'Schrodinger's cat' of blog commentary because so long as no one goes back to comment on the fact that there are seven on Seven then it will remain seven but as soon as it happens then it is no longer seven and therefore invalid.

Julie said...

quick quick, close comments on the seven post.

Suse said...

Too late

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