Thursday, May 26, 2011


Journeymama has launched her first novel and it is now available for purchase.

Go visit her here and follow the links.

Quick, go, run.

"The Eve Tree" awaits you.

You'll fall in love with Molly, Jack, Catherine and the entire family. And you will cry buckets of tears. The good kind of tears, you know, those tears that remind you how amazing life is.

Happy reading all, and congratulations Rae - may you and your characters go from strength to strength.


RW said...

Oh. I am getting the connections now. I see on the sidebar the link from Rae to BB. How did I not notice this all before. I guess it was not the time.

Duyvken said...

Further proof that people who are truly creative are driven to spend time doing the things they love. On paper Rae is someone who does not have time to write a novel and yet, here she is, successfully launching her first published work. I am SO impressed by people like this. When I grow up I want to be like her :-)
Thanks for sharing your review, E, we'll chat about it after I've read it too

Rae said...

Thanks Eleanor. You are a true friend and a kindred spirit.

Rae said...

And thanks for the lovely review you gave me on Amazon. It's a relief to see stars...