Monday, May 23, 2011

The Eve Tree

Journey Mama launches her book on May 25th (this Wednesday).

I have been reading Rae's blog for the last four years; her words and photographs have brought me so much joy. Throughout those years Rae was also busy writing her first novel, and I always hoped that I would one day get to read it.

So here's proof that dreams do come true. Never mind Rae's dream of having a published novel, I'm talking about my dream of reading it. Priorities people, priorities. It's all about me.

I'm fortunate enough to have a copy of "The Eve Tree" in my greedy little hands today and I'm already loving it so much (I'm about a quarter of the way in) that I'm trying to slow my reading down. I'm also marking pages which I particularly love, here's one sentence I want to swaddle and cuddle and tell it just how much I love it:

"She told cheese tales and yogurt yarns, she saved up praise from customers like oats, to throw into her does' feed bags while she sat with them."

For the next three days, leading up to the launch, I'll be pitching a few of Rae's gorgeous gems your way. Small, beautifully polished teasers. Perfectly crafted, fire-burnished diamonds.

More tomorrow.


Suse said...

Ooh yours arrived quickly. I'm impatient for my copy now! Especially after that delicious teaser.

blackbird said...

Oh! I'm reading too!

kim at allconsuming said...

Here is where you and I are different. I read that sentence you adore and just, well,

I mean, COME ON.

Eleanor said...

Kim, this is a book you will probably love.

It's about a woman who takes over her mother's ranch, and she makes goat's cheese (!). She struggles with mental illness, her husband stands strong beside her, her relationship with her mother is the driving force of the narrative. Need I say more?

I happen to love that excerpt about the goats, but my next teaser will be for you. At least, I'll try.

E x

Duyvken said...

Yay Rae!!

Tj and Mark said...

There are many wonderful words strung together in this novel, but I especially enjoy the way it is constructed in 3 Point of Views. Each pov helps the reader gain insight and understanding of Molly. This helped remind me that when I am sliding around in the recesses of my mind, that my feelings and thoughts might not be quite as clear as I think. And I think I could have filled a tub with my tears at the end of the book. Very satisfying read.