Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Eve Tree

"She understood history and that hidden cord that tied mother to daughter for generations upon end. But Molly was a woman with an aversion to the ladder that Catherine's life offered her. She would rather climb a sheer rock face than admit she was accepting rung after rung of help from her mother."

Journeymama's words, from her first novel.


Julie said...

Oh Eleanor, thank you so much for your comment. (And sorry to leave this comment in your comment box on an unrelated post but not sure how else to get back to you). It meant so much to me, especially as my very first comment ever, before I even had a blog, was in a post of yours about your teenagers, which filled me with hope for the years ahead.

fifi said...

oh WOW eleanor, I just followed your link and have spent awhile reading Journeymama.
Aren't there just extraordinary people in this world?
Now I will have a new addiction :-)
will certainly enjoy that book when I get my paws upon it.

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