Thursday, March 3, 2011


Six beautiful women from my community (the Sydney Jewish community that is... I actually belong to several communities... this blog-world being one of them too, of course) have spent years gathering recipes, testing them, and translating them into this beautiful book.

One of these woman is a treasured friend of mine, and she is also pedantic about the details and success of her recipes. Having eaten in her home many times, and knowing the pride and joy she takes in perfecting her hospitality I guarantee that each and every recipe in this book is a gem. It's also gorgeous, like she is - the photos which show the most beautiful hands... they're hers.

In my domestic world in which cooking is a drag and food is an annoying necessity, this book comes as a timely reminder to return to my roots and enjoy my time in the kitchen once again.


Suse said...

It looks gorgeous! If your copy arrives in time (and if your luggage isn't already overfull) can you bring it to craft camp so we can have a squizz?

kim at allconsuming said...

OMG. Want. Want to meet them. Want to eat their food. Want to book. WANT!