Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aussie humour

When I was in Manhattan last year I was giving a friend instructions on how to get to my apartment; I told her "There's a Starbucks on the corner," and she laughed hysterically.

Because there is a Starbucks on every single corner.

This clip perfectly captures what I love about the Aussie sense of humour.

Strangely, it also makes me miss Manhattan.


blackbird said...

- and the thing is, we KNOW it isn't very good coffee, but they put something IN it that makes us want more. And it isn't just NYC. Susie Sunshine has two or three a day and she's thousands of miles away!

RW said...

in Vancouver we have two right across the street from each other on opposite corners. you need to be very specific if you decide to meet someone there.

Anonymous said...

When my son was an undergrad in NYC he told us about 'Bucking, a sport rather like barhopping, except that the group goes to a Starbucks, has a little something, then stands just outside the door and looks for the next Starbucks -- which is alway visible, usually on the next corner.

This is not a sport in which one could engage in in, say, rural nw Wisconsin or even in the metropolitan Twin Cities of Minneapois/St Paul...