Thursday, March 3, 2011


Oh come on, you didn't think I'd miss out on an Oscars post did you?

It'll have to be a series of short posts.

So, firstly - I hope you all watched Natalie Portman's acceptance speech. If not then here it is for your viewing pleasure. The woman is a true artist, and her performance in "Black Swan" was indeed Oscar-worthy, and look at her style and grace.

But the thing I love the most about this clip is the moment when her partner Benjamin Millepied, bless him, walked with her to the stairs with his arm supporting her ever-so-gently and then extended it in a graceful, understated movement to ensure that she was all right going up the stairs. Such a gentlemanly gesture brings tears to my eyes.

More to come.

I promise.


Duyvken said...

We did think that if baby arrived during the telecast we'd have to call him Oscar. xx

blackbird said...

Now I'll have Duyvken's baby as Oscar in my head.
(Amazing that she's up commenting, isn't it?)

As for Natalie's beau, he IS a dancer, after all.

Paola said...

How funny is it that I noticed the exact same thing. I admired such a tender and affectionate gesture. A true gentleman.