Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We told so many lies it's hard to know what's the truth

As you can see, I'm on a rom-com film binge. It's for work, really it is. What? It is! In the name of research I'm reading every rom-com script I can find, and then watching the films.

I had the terrible misfortune of watching this film yesterday. It is so repulsive that I felt like disinfecting myself after viewing it. Its premise is that no matter how selfish, mean and stupid a man is, as long as he looks like Patrick Dempsey then he's the man of every woman's dreams. Can you hear that sound? It's me. Retching. The final straw for me, the final so unfunny gag which made me yell obscenities at my TV screen was the addition of an overweight bridesmaid who was repeatedly humiliated for no other reason than to make the stupid Patrick Dempsey-like morons in the audience laugh. Oh look, a fat girl trying to fit into a bridesmaid's dress that's a size too small for her, oh look how funny - a fat girl sitting down and ripping her dress at her friend's wedding, because you know she's so fat and that's like so incredibly funny.

In an attempt to erase all memory of this shocking film I returned to an old favourite, my darling Peter Weir's "Green Card."

Dear Mr. Weir,

You make my heart sing with your delicate understanding of what makes love so beautiful and so funny and sweet and charming.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

and please write and direct another romantic comedy,

I'm begging you,


Eleanor x

The climactic ending (which in a rom-com is never ever a sexual climax, but you probably knew that already) of "Green Card" has this music by Hans Zimmer. It's called "Instinct," which is what Gerard tries to teach Andie to follow.

Here it is:

And, finally, here's a link to a blog which celebrates the beauty of Andie/Bronte's garden in the film. Mary would have loved to photograph that garden, but that's another story.


blackbird said...

I haven't seen Green Card in a long time and I do love it. Her whole apartment is unbelievable.

Trash said...

Oh Eleanor, I really do hope Peter Weir reads your letter. I shall keep my fingers crossed.

Mary said...

So when I see a movie like that I make up the ending.

She goes to France - "when are you coming cherie?" and lives with Gerard there and they recreate the garden. Yes. That's what would happen.

How I would love to photograph such a garden.

Paola said...

Oh I hear ya about that movie, is kind of depressing on various levels.
Green Card: sigh.

Jeanette said...

My favourite movie big time but I haven`t seen it in years. Remember that I used to go around humming the tune....and having a secret crush on Depardieu. Think I have a video tape somewhere, must try and find it and watch tonight. Husband and daughters are of skiing in the north of Sweden so I get to choose what movie to see. Wohooo!


The Coffee Lady said...

Eleanor! My Google Reader lost you! (Or it may have been me, accidentally, in a fit of organising things into folders). And we have been cruelly separated and I have MISSED YOU!

Thank goodness you are still here.

herhimnbryn said...

Green card.....very important film for us. The man in my life is very much of the 'Gerard D' ilk!

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