Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"The most sparkling sexcapade that ever winked at convention"

I'm a Valentine Day's scrooge, hate it, can't stand it. You could probably tell that from my previous post. The only thing I hate more than Valentine's Day is public marriage proposals. I think that proposing to your loved one in public is akin to having sex on national TV, because intimacy is always better when it's shared with a million strangers. Ugh.

In any case, here's the most divine trailer for "Pillow Talk," a movie from an era which understood something about romance and love.


Janet said...

Where you watching Q and A last night by any chance? I was so embarrassed at the end, I had to leave the room. Muttering.

Prism said...

My friend who feels the same way you do about VD (Valentine's Day) made a series of posters for those of us who feel a bit grouchy about it (and I think any fool who proposes in public deserves to be
turned down, just to learn a lesson!)

Duyvken said...

Pillow Talk is one of my ALL TIME favourite movies. I watched it again recently after it was listed in the National Film Registry (or some similarly dully named institution that actually does a truly delightful thing).
Maybe if this baby is a boy we should name him Rock?

Kate said...

I love Doris Day so much. And I adore Pillow Talk. Guiltily, but I still adore it.

Paola said...

Aren't those movies grand? I love them all.
And I so agree with you.