Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy tag

The beautiful Duyvken tagged me, so I'm going to come up with 10 things that make me happy. Thanks Duvvy xxxx

I hope it's still within the rules if I post one thing every day. For ten days in a row I'll post what made me happy on each of the days, all right?

So, here goes....

Today, I was very happy to discover this piece of music:

This music is actually one precious link in an entire necklace of musical happinesses. I first heard this tune on the television programme "In Treatment," which makes me very happy whenever I watch it. This is the story behind the music:

Mia was Paul's patient when she was in her late teens, she returns to him as a patient twenty years later and blames him for a decision she made in her youth. She also claims that he didn't truly care for her when he originally treated her. Paul gets up from his chair, walks towards the stereo and presses the play button - this music comes on. It's a tape which Mia had given him many years ago of her own piano playing, and which he has saved all these years. That scene makes me happy.

Each of Paul's patients has a musical theme, and each one makes me happy. For example, this is Sophie's theme:

April's theme:

Paul's own theme when he visits his own therapist Gina:

Sometimes happiness is soft and thoughtful, with an undertone of a good type of sadness. Today my happiness is like a salted caramel - it's sweeter and better because of the salt.


trash said...

Oh you are a prose poet woman. Eloquence, simplicity and elegance are rare finds in language. THank you.

Paola said...

It's always a pleaure to come by your blog.

RW said...

some interesting things gathered here.

I am going to check out that TV show.

Duyvken said...

A ripping good idea, E. That program sounds wonderful and your writing is fantastic. How's the course going?

Mary said...

ten days? ten days posts from our Eleanor.

Now that makes me happy!

Julia said...

What a great prelude! I'm going to search it out and try it. Don't you like how insistent it is and then suddenly it changes and sets you free for a moment, just to grab you again? Beautiful.

Looking forward to your other 9.

Corrie said...

oh just beautiful. I love chopin and love how you found this music on youtube - never occurred to me to find the sheet music on youtube too!

just beautiful :)