Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been collecting a range of different experiences, mentally bookmarking them to share with you in posts.

For example, I have a Jamaican neighbour (at the other end of my street) who has a karaoke machine, and last night as I walked past his house I heard him singing this. Now, he can hardly hold a tune (sh...don't tell him), and I could hardly make out what he was singing other than the lyrics. So I googled the words and of COURSE, Bob Marley, and then I actually realised that I preferred my neighbour's out-of-tune version. I think he lives alone and just sings to himself. Love that.

So now I have decided to challenge myself, and a certain other German blogger. Next time I see my Jamaican singer in the neighbourhood I'm going to ask him if I can come over one day and sing with him. Update to come. And let this be a challenge to Eurolush, who has returned home and is still hiding out in a blogfree zone, to take on the challenge of finally asking her neighbour Hawkman if she can hold his hawk (it's been over two years Lushy, shame). Let the challenge begin I say.

And now to a different topic. One of my favourite writers has actually dedicated an entire post to me. I've been Margie's fan ever since I met her, truth be told...even before I read a word she had written. Around the time she started to write for Sassy I was looking after my newborn Miss Commentbox and I would greedily devour Margie's eloquent say-it-like-it-is articles, dreaming that one day my daughter would read exactly that type of magazine. Turns out Miss CB now reads Frankie, which I also love, and I still claim that some of the Sassiness I consumed during her first year of life came through to her in my breast milk.

Moving right along, I'd now like to discuss my recent interest in makeup. Having worn nothing but sunscreen for years I am on the hunt for some fun items with which to decorate my face. But before any purchases are made I realise that it's really all about the people involved, and I'm referring to the "makeup girls" who smile sweetly, and not so sweetly, from behind their soft lit counters. I have fallen in love with each and every one of them; from the fabulously Goth pixie who helps me find the right eyeliner at the Mac counter, to the bejewelled Russian matriarch in her white Clinique lab coat who insists that brown lipsticks are ageing.

Oh, and by the way, a chic French lady standing next to me at the cash register was buying this. She caught me looking at her and she said in a sing-song voice "You should buy some. I see you are tempted."


Duyvken said...

Eleanor! How lovely to read this post from you. I always like to hear about the peeps in your street. Jamaican karaoke man sounds like a hoot. Perhaps he could come around to serenade the indian woman in my street who takes a morning and an afternoon walk in her pyjamas. She leans forward as she walks, clasps her hands behind her back and takes note of everything that is happening in the neighbourhood.
And I am also trying to embrace make-up. I always wear sunscreen and sometimes wear a lipstick that is exactly the same colour as my lips (ie useless) but I bought some eyeliner and some blush powder recently and am trying to break out a bit.
Keep me posted on your quest!

blackbird said...

Brown lipsticks...really...

RW said...

I have missed you and your posts.

I look forward to hearing how the challenge unfolds.

Funny thing about the makeup - I too, have been delving into that world - weird.

eurolush said...

My first blog post is dedicated to YOU.

And it involves HAWK-MAN!!

But I have yet to write it.

Because I am lame. And overwhelmed!

But still!!


The challenge is ON.



Paola said...

Finally! THe blogosphere revives and a challenge is ON!!!
Eleanor dear, that venom stuff is DISGUSTING, I'm still shivering ...

Mary said...

PLEASE keep us updated on the make up front - I buy it then don't wear it - I want simple colours that work!