Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy day 2

Last time I wrote about Japanese animation my friend Yuki mentioned that her favourite Studio Ghibli film is "My Neighbour Totoro." I have to agree with you Yuki, it makes me SO HAPPY. It's the story of two sisters whose mother is sick in hospital, so they spend the summer in the country with their father who teaches Archaeology at the local university. The scene which makes me the happiest is the one in which the two girls are waiting to meet him at the bus-stop with an umbrella, but he's late, and Totoro joins them and waits with them. Oh no, wait, my favourite scene is actually when they catch the bus that's shaped like a cat and it takes them to visit their mother and they sit on the top branch of a tree and look into the hospital window and see her talking with their father. No, no, I've changed my mind...I think my favourite scene is when the lovely old lady who is looking after the little sister brings her to the school where the big sister studies because she won't stop crying, so the little sister joins the class for the rest of the day.

I'll stop now and let you watch the trailer in peace and quiet.

This then doubles my happiness, Totoro making an appearance in Toy Story 3 as an homage to Studio Ghibli. Miyazaki and Lasseter are friends, that makes me so so happy:


Paola said...

Totoro, uh? I love the way she runs ...!

blackbird said...

Totoro is a special favorite of Youngest's as he appreciates all things Japanese - when he appeared in Toy Story 3 we GASPED with delight.

Soft Rock Mama said...

Hello Miss E!
I just added this movie to our netflix queue. The kids and I do enjoy Miyazaki movies. Some of our favorites are Spirited Away, Ponyo and Kiki's Delivery service.
Thanks for sharing!!

Soft Rock Mama said...

Okay so this movie arrived in our mail box on the 22nd. My kids have watched it at least two times each day and are begging for us to own a copy for ourselves.

Really, thanks for sharing!!
Now going to purchase movies.