Tuesday, February 16, 2010

While driving yesterday afternoon

I was listening to the radio yesterday afternoon while driving and as I was changing the channels looking for some good, fun driving tune (Noddy Car doesn't have a CD player) I came across the voice of Kay Redfield Jamison being interviewed about her latest book "Nothing Was The Same." I had never heard of this woman before, yet within minutes of listening to her read an excerpt from a love letter her husband had written her I was sobbing.

This is the part I was just in time to hear:

“I am not glad the black hole is there but I am glad I have seen it. When you fall in love with a star, you accept solar flares, black holes and all.”

After I had a really good cry I switched channels again and this song came on:

I adore the way they start the song off with each other's initials. It makes me think of blogging, and that makes me realise how wonderful it is to have this opportunity to "write it in a letter form."


Anonymous said...

Eleanor dear. You should never cry while driving. It can be dangerous.
Lovely words though.

RW said...

I love the idea of you driving and listening to tunes...

kim at allconsuming said...

You really are enigmatic aren't you - from Radio National to what? TodayFM?

Soft Rock Mama said...

I kept looking at Alicia's feather shirt. Wow-zaaa.