Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Me me me

Brilliant advice from all of you, as always. Thank you so much...update to come concerning the boy's renewed interest in reading, but I don't feel like writing about my children today, I want to write about me. It's all about me.

Me me me me me.

I received the viewing/reading list for my screenwriting course and am using the next two weeks to try and cram in the whole semester's worth, before classes begin. As a mother (albeit with kids who are teenagers) I still have a mortal fear of "unexpected family commitments which invariably occur on the week/day/night before an assignment is due and which lead to my failing a course/losing a job/going crazy."

Of course, my current anxiety level can never compare to that excruciating feeling I used to have when I had finally set up my dream job/dream course only to then have to juggle the relentless unexpected realities of real life with small children.

There was, for example, the university course which had me sobbing in the timetable coordinator's office while explaining that no, I could not wait for him to give me my time-table for next semester NEXT semester because my baby's daycare required a term's notice NOW. I remember, as if it was yesterday, that horrible Kafkaesque feeling as I sat before this elderly male professor, heaving and hiccuping and ranting on and on and on about my little boy's daycare arrangements, my girl's school which finishes at 3, my husband's business travel arrangements for the next year, my parents' home in faraway England, the debilitating boredom of housework, the flu that I couldn't seem to shake, and the fact that I hadn't slept through the night in 2 years.

Good times, good times.

The one thing to remember with parenting - everything always changes. So here I am about to embark on a course of study which promises to be both enjoyable and challenging. In preparation for the first class I watched "Fight Club" and the pilot episode of "Sopranos," and then I read the script of "The Full Monty." How do you like that for homework? Come on people, I just know that you'll have opinions on those three. I had watched the two films before, many years ago, but I had never watched any Soprano episode. How has this been possible? I'm ashamed of myself, I missed out on years of enjoyment. That first episode is beautiful, really, it's beautiful - Dr. Melfi the psychiatrist trying to get Tony to understand why he had an anxiety attack after the ducklings from his pool finally flew away? That scene sums up what I love about the role of film in our lives, it makes life worth living, it makes me happy. Or how about that scene in which Tony tells his wife Carmella that he's seeing a therapist and she's so happy that she practically dances a jig there in the restaurant and she tells him "That's so gutsy." Ohohoh, and the scene in the other restaurant when he bumps into Dr. Melfi and he thanks her for her help with the "interior decoration." I'll stop now.

What's the general opinion about "Fight Club"? I tell you what, it's different to watch it after 9/11, you know, (**spoiler alert) the ending scene in which he and Marla stand at the window and watch the huge buildings explode? The fight scenes still make me very queasy, but I think I understand the film more at this stage of my life, when I have more experience with men and their inner lives. It's a classic.

I've been told that there will be only 10 students in my class, 5 men and 5 women, mostly late 20s and early 30s so I'll be the oldest. You want to come along with me? Shhh...if you stay very quiet you can come along with me, all right? Hey Kim, would you please STOP shoving Eurolush outta the way? There'll be plenty of room for ALL of you, I promise. Oh, but'll need to wear something other than pyjamas. Really.


Duyvken said...

I can help you out with family commitments! I've got so many children alreay, what's a few more? And I already know Miss CB is excellent with my kids. Hm, indentured servitude is coming her way :-)
Fight Club is a great film. I decree this to be so because it stands up to watching it again. I thought Love Actually was a 'great' film until we tried to rewatch it and found it terribly boring. I also tend to enjoy movies that Edward Norton is in, he picks good roles, that fella!
And that's the definitive word on that.
So lovely to read a post all about your dear Eleanor.
And good luck getting Lushie out of her pjs, perhaps you can tempt her with a dress covered in appliqued toadstools and a jacket made entirely of selvedges.

Suse said...

The more I watch Love Actually, the more misogynistic I find it. (Just to follow on from Duyvken's comment about it being boring).

And now I've forgotten what I was going to say ...

Oh yes, I was going to say I'd love to come with you to your film studies (because I need more to do you know). I'll be the girly swot in the front row, sshh-ing Kim and E'lush.

Oh and while I'm here, I joined the coffee lady's flickr group specifically to see you in your pjs, and you're not there! Get with the program, woman!

Prism said...

Ooh! I would love to come along! My dear hubby threw out the thought of my going back to school the other day. I am still pondering, and realizing what I love is the learning and being in school--which is NO HELP AT ALL in choosing a major/potential career, and I don't want to waste money/time at this point of my life--but I like ALL the classes!

Seriously--what jobs require sewing, massage, welding, cooking AND reading/writing skills? Yeah, I couldn't think of any either.

Badger said...

LOVE Fight Club. It's one of the few movies I've enjoyed more than the book, and I am a Palahniuk junkie.

And I never saw The Sopranos. It aired on HBO here, and we don't get that one.

Hooray for your new film course! I'll just sit quietly at the back. I promise not to pass notes, though I may nod off from time to time.

Tuli said...

Ooooh! I want to come to class, too! I'll be good (mostly) and will not forget my paper and pencil.


Can I bring my laptop? No, no, I'd better not. The temptation to check my email (and Google Reader!) in class would get me into trouble. Better rock this class old-school.

I can't promise I won't lol at Kim's & Lushy's antics. Hopefully our Prof is the forgiving sort.

RW said...

I want to come too!

We loved the Sopranos - it also left me feeling a bit strange. Sounds like you have a lot of assigned viewing to do but, if you can you should watch a few seasons. It is a great study of human character.

Anonymous said...

This sounds exciting. I loved the Sopranos, not so much the fact that Italians in the US are considered all like THAT, though. But I digress.
Please seat me next to those two. I think I can handle it.

eurolush said...

Every time I go home for the summer, my dad and I watch The Sopranos together at night. Last year we got though the first 3 seasons. It doesn't matter that we've seen them all before.

I love that show.

How exciting to be off on a new adventure. Best of luck in your preparations!

eurolush said...

What you don't seem to understand is that I wear the pajamas "under" my clothes during the day. Quite a stunning look, actually. Best not to ask too many questions as to why. Tonight Mr. Lush "caught me" as I reached up for something and he saw the telltale sign of a pajama bottom sticking out of my pants. Oops! He was confused and then resigned. Don't hate! Melikesthepajamas!

blackbird said...

Oh...FIGHT CLUB. Good lord, SOME people in my house are FOREVER quoting FIGHT CLUB.

Jodie said...

I love you ! I have been there with the timetables and the childcare and getting through was hell.
I'll be sneaking on in with you and awaiting your updates....

Soft Rock Mama said...

Nothing could be better than a whole blog of you!

I have never seen Fight Club, but I just put it on my net flix Q.

The numerous book suggestions for Master CB was wonderful.

Jeanette said...

Is there room for me too?

MsCellania said...

I just watched Fight Club a couple of nights ago, and this time I think he blows up himself et al in the end.
Sounds like you are on a fab adventure. Assigned film watching? Does life get any better?