Sunday, February 14, 2010

I knew that you'd answer

Anna's back, and you know what that means....

That's right....

A celebration poem!!!!!

I knew that you'd answer
That line I did write,
That you'd pick up that flower
In its perfect soft light and
I knew that was you
When I heard that strange song
Of the tiny invention
Which I played with my thumb.

The others all knew
That to us you'd return
With a colourful alphabet
Soup of the soul because
You were the one who once
Showed us the sparks
Of the snow and the sun and
The tightly knit parks.
The trees purled in earth tones,
The leaves all crocheted,
The flowers from paper
Origami and lace.

The benches you sculpted,
Watercoloured the sky,
Took a paintbrush to raindrops
And found feathers for flight.
So the rest I shall write in,
Writing tight, right and strong,
Using letters from oceans
And a sadness long gone.


Anonymous said...

Your poems are breathtaking.

Mary said...

So so beautiful Eleanor.


Anna of Helylle said...

Thank you, Eleanor. I'm hounoured and blessed to have met you.
P.S. If I find out how they do it, I'll suggest you for the Nobel prize this year..I'm really touched by you poem, as always.

Soft Rock Mama said...

Wow! Miss E - that is a lovely poem.