Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mommy, I'm home

I really want to have a stuntwoman in my film. Stuntwomen rock, and the best one is Zoe Bell, who happens to be a New Zealander (and she's the REAL Xena by the way!). She's the woman behind my favourite fight scene in Kill Bill:

Here's the finished product:


RW said...

you know - I have never seen this film and I may just have to watch it now.

Duyvken said...

I hope you've seen Death Proof.
Tell me you have.
If you haven't it then that is your homework assignment for this week.


fifi said...

Oh, I couldn't ever watch an entire movie like that!!

Just loved the bit in the first clip where Zoe bell says
"what's thet shut un the can?"


Jeanette said...

I have never seen the movie I am sorry to say....or at least I am sorry now. Didn`t bother much before. Now I must see it of course.

Take care

Tuli said...

I love the Kill Bill movies. Seeing this bit of the background action was wonderful. :)

Maria said...

Hello Eleanor!
I haven't seen that film. But my sisters daughter has it as a favourite so maybe I should see it...
I hope everything is fine with you. It's so nice to have comments from you, makes me glad every time!

Duyvken said...

Hi E, Eurolush is back on the block. Tex looks adorable.

Maria said...

Hello again Eleanor!
Thank you for your nice comments at my blog.
Maybe one day some of us travel to the others country. If I go to Australia, I tell you...

Anonymous said...

So, Eurolush is back. Any chance you resume posting too?
I miss my daily readings ...
Thank you in advance

Tuli said...

Hi Eleanor,
Hope all is well.

eurolush said...

Hello E! Where's your new post??? Hmmmmmm? Mine will arrive sometime...oh...whoknowswhen.

Soon! Maybe?

I miss you!

Can't wait to see what you've been up to...



PS- Did I mention that I've missed you? Desperately? Because I have.